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Are Vivid Nicocig Discontinued? What Do I Do Now?

Friday, 10 July 2020  |  Eugene

We regret to inform you that the Vivid Nicocig range of e-cigarettes has been permanently taken out of production by Philip Morris International, and we're sorry to say it is no longer available. At Health and Care, we take pride in our duty to provide the best possible products to our customers, and are disappointed that due to factors beyond our control, we will no longer be able to supply a product that is loved and depended on by so many.

What Are We Doing About It?

In our commitment to you, we have taken great care to source a product that we are confident provides a near-identical look, feel and taste to that of Vivid Nicocig E-Cigarettes. Since the news of the discontinuation, we have studied the market closely, weighing up the available options to find a product that will replace the Vivid Nicocig as closely as possible in every aspect.

What Can I Do Now?

We know how important Vivid Nicocig is to the lifestyle of our customers, so we've been working with OK Vape to provide a product that will replace the Vivid Nicocig with the least change possible. We're confident that the OK Vape E-Cigarette is the closest alternative on the market, with the same weight, feel, size and usability as the Vivid Nicocig we have come to depend on. We sincerely believe that this product can not only replace Vivid Nicocig in your daily life, but save you money as well.

How is OK Vape Different from Vivid Nicocig?

We've taken great care to select the OK Vape range for you, as it is nearly identical to the Vivid Nicocig in almost every way. The way you take your draw, replace your cartomisers and charge your device will be nearly identical, providing the same feel and ease of use. There are some small differences that you may notice, namely:

  • Packaging: While the cartomiser packaging is nearly identical, the OK Vape Starter Kit is supplied with an extra protective plastic case
  • Markings: The OK Vape E-Cigarettes feature a small OK Vape marking on the side, along with a letter on the refill cartridge to indicate strength
  • Tip colour: While the tip of the Vivid Nicocig would light up in an orange colour while you draw, the OK Vape lights up in a slightly more flame-like yellow
  • Cartridges per Pack: The OK Vape refill packs are supplied with five cartridges instead of three, providing you with 66% more vaping per pack

Is the Vivid Nicocig E-Cigarette Gone for Good?

Barring an unforeseen turnaround in the corporate strategy of Philip Morris International, the halting of Vivid Nicocig production appears to be final. We at Health and Care unfortunately have no say in this matter, and we can assure you that if we were able to continue to provide Vivid Nicocig, we would do everything in our power to do so.

Will the OK Vape E-Cigarette Feel the Same in the Hand?

The way the product feels in the hand was one of our primary concerns, and the OK Vape E-Cigarette is identical in this regard. The size and weight mimic the Vivid Nicocig perfectly, and we are assured in our assertion that makes it the best like-for-like replacement available.

Is the Taste the Same?

Everyone's taste preferences are different, but we're confident the taste of the OK Vape flavours are as close to Vivid Nicocig as can be. OK Vape Tobacco Refills are an ideal replacement for Vivid Nicocig's tobacco flavour, while the OK Vape Menthol Refills are the closest alternative to Vivid Nicocig menthol around!

Which Strength Should I Choose?

To help you achieve the same satisfaction you've enjoyed from Vivid Nicocig, we've put together the chart below to guide you to the right strength for you based on your previous vaping preferences.

Nicocig to OK Vape Conversion Chart

Nicocig Tobacco High

The Nicocig Tobacco High refills have 16mg of nicotine, which is closest to the high strength of the OK Vape refills at 18mg. If you would like a refill with even stronger nicotine, OK Vape refills are also available in an Extra High Strength with 20mg of nicotine.

Nicocig Tobacco Medium

Nicocig Tobacco Medium refills have a nicotine strength of 11mg, which is the closest to the medium strength version of the OK Vape refills, which feature a nicotine strength of 12mg.

Nicocig Tobacco Low

Nicocig Tobacco Low refills have a nicotine strength of 6mg, which is the equivalent to the low strength version of the OK Vape refills.

Nicocig Menthol High

The Nicocig Menthol High refills have 16mg of nicotine, which is very close to the high strength of the OK Vape refills, which feature an 18mg strength.

Nicocig Menthol Medium

Nicocig Menthol Medium refills have a nicotine strength of 11mg, which is roughly equivalent to the medium strength version of the OK Vape refills, which feature a 12mg nicotine strength.

Nicocig Menthol Low

Nicocig Menthol Low Refills have a nicotine strenght of 6mg, which is the same as the low strength OK Vape Menthol refills

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The Vivid Nicocig and OK Vape e-cigarettes are nearly identical in design, and feature the same size of battery. You'll receive the same convenience and all-day vaping with your OK Vape E-Cigarette that you've come to enjoy from Vivid Nicocig.

How Does the OK Vape E-Cigarette Feel to Draw?

As the mouthpiece and aperture size are identical in terms of size and feel, you'll get the same level of resistance from the OK Vape E-Cigarette as the Vivid Nicocig. Providing you select the correct strength using our chart above, you will be able to gain the same level of satisfaction with each puff that you are used to.

Does the OK Vape E-Cigarette Provide the Same Nicotine Hit?

The OK Vape e-liquid used in each cartridge is manufactured in the UK to provide a precise level of nicotine per millilitre. This means that you can rest assured that every draw will provide you with the same satisfaction as the Vivid Nicocig E-Cigarette has for years.

Is the OK Vape Design the Same as Vivid Nicocig?

The designs are identical in terms of size and function, as both are made up of two pieces that simply screw together. Once the two pieces are together, as with Vivid Nicocig, you can start puffing without any hassle.

How Long Does Each Cartridge Last?

OK Vape advise that their cartridges last as long as 25 traditional cigarettes, which is exactly the same as the 25 cigarette equivalence of the Vivid Nicocig cartridges. While the actual length of use will depend on your individual vaping style, this means that a OK Vape cartridge should last you just as long as your Vivid Nicocig cartridges.

How Do I Charge the OK Vape E-Cigarette?

As this was another important factor in our decision, we have confirmed that the charging process is identical between the OK Vape and the Vivid Nicocig E-Cigarettes. Simply attach the OK Vape battery to the OK Vape USB charger, and plug your charger into the exact same port you used to charge your Vivid Nicocig.

Can I Trust the OK Vape Brand?

We wanted to ensure the product we selected was tried and trusted, which is why we chose OK Vape, who are already loved by thousands of customers across the UK. These customers trust the OK Vape E-Cigarette because of its reliable quality, which has given us the confidence to recommend them to the customers relying on our service.

Is the OK Vape E-Cigarette Available Anywhere Else?

Yes, OK Vape products are widely available in supermarkets, petrol station and newsagents. As with our retailing of Vivid Nicocig, we are sure that we will be able to provide superior pricing and customer service to our competitors in all departments.

Fully Committed to Our Customers

While we are upset by the decision from Philip Morris International to halt production of the Vivid Nicocig, we take pride in our commitment to our customers, and are confident we can provide the same service and satisfaction with the OK Vape products. We are open to any questions or concerns from our customers during this transitional period, and we assure you that we will work tirelessly to provide a solution to each of you.

The OK Vape range of products features a variety of flavours, strengths and pack sizes to suit each user. Feel free to browse our OK Vape Electronic Cigarettes and Refills section to find the best option for your needs.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the products mentioned above contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. E-cigarettes are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation and are only intended as an alternative to other tobacco products.

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