Anyone For Tennis?

Friday, 19 July 2013  |  Paul

Over the last year, the phrase legacy has been used so much from the wonderful sporting events that we hosted in London from the Olympics and Paralympics to this year Wimbledon from the success of Andy Murray. The question that seems to be apparent is how we build on this? Judy Murray told the BBC that tennis is more popular than ever due to Andy’s success and the LTA (Lawn tennis association) is working hard to make the sport accessible to as many people as possible. Tennis inspiration shows you your nearest club which can offer space to play and for those who are more competitive among us competitions to register and get involved with.

We have lots of supports for anyone who wants to play sports including tennis to keep the ankles, elbows and knees in check. For those who want to have fun playing tennis over the summer season in the garden we have a fun sports kit available. I think at this year’s Health and Care summer post work event there will be badminton matches and I assure you it will be very competitive. You may even find out who wins by reading the Health and Care blog!