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Ankle Supports – Which support is right for your injury?

Thursday, 12 April 2012  |  Paul

Key product: Aircast A60 Ankle Support 

With hundreds of different types of ankle supports and braces available today it can be difficult to decide which support is right for your ankle injury. Ankle injuries are incredibly common and can occur during all kinds of situations from playing sport to just walking down the street. We will look at some of the different types of ankle supports on the market today and which ankle injuries they are most suited to.

The ankle is a complex joint which is vulnerable to injuries as it carries the whole weight of the body. The ankle has to withstand forces such as running and jumping so it is important the ankle is properly supported following an injury. The Aircast A60 ankle support is incredibly supportive and is worn by tennis star Andy Murray. The Aircast A60 protects effectively protects the ankle from rollover and helps to prevent sprains. The Aircast A60 ankle support incorporates a stabiliser on either side of the ankle which helps to stop the ankle from rolling resulting in sprains. Ideal for sports people from beginners to professionals, this light-weight ankle support easily fits into sports footwear.

For extra support for the ankle whilst playing sport the Mueller Football Ankle Brace is designed to fit comfortably in football boots. The Mueller Football Ankle Brace is used by football teams worldwide and is designed to provide extra support for weakened ankles. With a lace-up front the Mueller Football Ankle Brace is easy to wear and allows you to tighten the support to your comfort.

Specifically designed for women the Wellgate Slim Fit Ankle Support provides support for stiff, weak, sore and sprained ankles. The Wellgate Women’s Ankle Support is proportioned to women’s joints providing superior comfort and compression as opposed to standard ankle supports. This female ankle support can be worn comfortably under ordinary shoes and trainers.

For post-injury use and arthritis sufferers the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support has two pads that become active and massage the ankle joint with every movement of the foot. This Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support helps to reduce joint effusions and swellings from osteoarthritis and arthritis. This ankle support is easy to put on, does not slip and sits firmly in a comfortable position.

If you are suffering from ankle ligament instabilities, severe ankle distortions and upper ankle joint instabilities the Otto Bock Malleo Sprint Ankle Support is ideal. This Otto Bock Ankle Support features a special exoskeletal reinforcement which provides a high degree of stabilisation with or without a shoe. The Otto Bock Malleo Sprint Ankle Support limits eversion and inversion of the foot but does not limit plantar or dorsal flexion.