Andrew Strauss wears Power Balance for the Ashes

Thursday, 25 November 2010  |  Paul

England Cricket Captain Andrew Strauss has been seen proudly sporting his Power Balance for the Ashes Test Series in Australia this week. Strauss was wearing his Black and White Power Balance whilst holding the Ashes Urn with the Australian Captain Ricky Ponting in Brisbane before the first Ashes Test.

Andrew Strauss was the captain who led the England Cricket Team to victory in the Ashes 18 months ago at Lords and is hoping to replicate his success in Australia this year. England’s Ashes record in Australia however has not been great in the last 20 years and Andrew Strauss will be hoping his Power Band will give him an edge over the Aussies throughout the series.

Andrew Strauss is not the only sportsman to choose Power Balance Bracelets, stars such as David Beckham and Rubens Barrichello are all fans of the power bracelet, David Beckham was even spotted wearing one power band on each wrist. As the power balance wrist bands are made from soft silicone they are extremely light and comfortable to wear making them the ideal sports bracelet for Andrew Strauss to wear whilst batting for England.

Power Balance Bracelets are popular with professional athletes such as Andrew Strauss and David Beckham as they combine hologram technology with comfort and style. Power bands are an innovation in performance technology as they use holograms embedded with the particular frequencies that react positively with the body’s natural energy field. When worn on the wrist a power balance bracelet has been found to help with performance during sport and exercise and improve the body’s balance and flexibility.

Not only are these power balance sports bracelets a great help in the gym, they look great too. The power balance wristband comes with two visible holograms on the bracelet and is available in 11 great colours. A popular colour with the athletes, including Andrew Strauss is the Black Power Balance with White Writing. This colour of the hologram bracelet is a great choice as the power balance logo and patterns stand out and the contrasting black and white colours look great. However for people who are looking for a power bracelet with a bit more flair the power balances are available in colour such as Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue and the brand new Aqua.

Power Balance wristbands are growing in popularity by the minute and it seems to be every time there is sport on the t.v someone will be wearing a power bracelet. The power balance bracelet could be seen on the rugby union players in the England versus Samoa International last weekend, Premiership Football and the Formula 1 Racing. The Power Band is a sturdy sports bracelet making it the ideal choice for athletes such as rugby players and footballers. The power balance band is made from 100% surgical grade silicone that is 3mm thick which is extremely durable and can stretch up to 40% over the hand to fit onto the wrist.

To join the likes of Andrew Strauss and David Beckham and have your own Power Balance visit Health and to view the full range of Power Balance Bracelets, Power Balance Alloy Pendants and Power Balance Silicone Bracelets. All of the items within the power bracelet range from Health and Care contain the genuine power balance hologram which contain the correct frequencies to harmonise with the body’ natural energy field.