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Sunday, 2 June 2013  | 

I am the world worst person at remembering to take any pillseven when on a course of Antibiotics I miss a number of doses, remembering toolate and it very easily goes wrong. I think everybody has a family member or afriend who need to remember to take tablets at different times during the dayand appreciates that everyone has to find a way to store them while rememberingto take these during the day.

There are a lot of options available that can help with allof the above.

There are the standard daily pill dispensers which areavailable and are labelled Monday – Sunday. These are available at anaffordable price in a variety of colours and sizes. We have options that showAM and PM as well for those morning and night time doses.

We also have a number of options on our site which also havealarms with the pill dispenser. These are simple to set up as these are compactenough to fit in your bag and will alert you when it is time to take the nextdose. If this is something that you would find helpful have a look at our Tabtime range as more of these compact affordable options are very popular.

For those who need further assistance we have the PivotellAutomatic Pill dispenser. The Automatic Pill Dispenser is easy to use as thealarm signal opens as the tray showing the tablets that need to be taken andthe alarm continues to ring until the medication is taken, it willautomatically stop after 60 minutes. This is ideal if you are busy and awayfrom the pill dispenser for any length of time. This can even be filled atBoots the chemist with your medication. (Check your local pharmacy for moredetails)

If you have trouble remembering when to take everything,have a look at the Management part of the website. There will be somethingthere that can help you. 

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