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Alzheimer Care – How Wander Alarms and Bed/Chair Leaving Alarms Can Help

Saturday, 6 June 2009  |  Paul

The effects of Alzheimer’s not only impact upon the sufferer but also on their loved ones who are closest to them. Alzheimer’s is a distressing disease that progressively worsens over time and fortunately for carers there are a number of care products available designed to help sufferers live a more independent life.

One of the problems carers have when looking after someone with Alzheimer’s is the worry that they may wander out of the house or into a room, such as the kitchen, where them inadvertently harm themselves or get lost and confused. An anti-wander alarm can be put in place in the home to ensure that the carer knows the patient is not leaving the home or entering a room they should not be.

Anti wander alarms can be used to alert a carer or relative remotely via mobile phone text or voice message if the motion sensor or infrared sensor is activated. The motion or vibration detector can detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. Many alarms also contain infrared sensors that can be used to alert the carer or relative to movements in out of bound areas. The Anti Wander Alarm with GSM Phone Auto Dialler  isideal where a landline is unavailable for connection to the alarm or is inappropriate. You simply insert a pay as you go SIM card (not included) and an alert will be sent to a specified mobile number upon activation/triggering of either the vibration/motion alert sensor or the infrared sensor. Unlike some other GSM auto dialler alarms that can cease to perform when a Pay as You Go SIM card is left inactive for a long period of time and therefore disconnected from the network, this GSM alarm automatically sends a text message in order to keep the system operational.

Bed and chair occupancy alarms alert the carer of the Alzheimer patient if they have left their chair or bed. These are Ideal for Alzheimer patients who are at risk from falls. The bed and chair occupancy alarms can be used for home and professional use. Many come complete with pager for distance alerts. The bed and chair occupancy alarms also come with a pressure mat and sensor, so that an alarm will sound if the patient falls or steps out of bed. Automatic Fall Alarm With Telephone Auto Dialler consists of a fall detector, worn like a pager by the user and a telephone auto dialler. The fall detector has a belt clip for attachment to a belt or clothing and is equipped with a simple on-off switch. When the detector is switched on, any sudden movement or tilt from a vertical to a horizontal position will result in a pre-alarm tone that will sound for 30 seconds prior to transmitting the emergency control signal to activate the telephone dialler.

Although Alzheimer patients may appear confused and forgetful, many still remember how to do everyday tasks such as run a bath or do the washing up. Unfortunately it is the short term memory that tends to fail first with Alzheimer patients. Although the Alzheimer patient remembers how to turn the taps on, problems arise when they forget they have started to run a bath and the water overflows.

Specialist water overflow alarms are now available so carers are alerted if the patient has left the water running. Water overflow alarms can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or any area where water overflow needs to be detected. They are equipped with a built in siren. The sensor is positioned at the required water level height. When the sensor detects water, the alarms operate until the power switch is set to off. The sensor of the water overflow alarm is positioned at the required water level height. When the sensor detects water, the alarms operate until the power switch is set to off.

All of the above Alzheimer Care products are available from Health and as well as a huge range of wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps and rollaters.