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Always Running Out Of Juice? Get A Free Nicolites Battery

Thursday, 23 July 2015  |  John

Running On Empty?

There’s no worse feeling than knowing that your Nicolites e-cigarette is going to run out of battery but having no idea when. Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam on an already stressful day, not knowing if your next drag is going to be your last, whether your Nicolites battery life is going to let your down. That feeling that sometime, soon, you’re going to run out of juice.

At Health and Care, we know how important keeping charged up is so we offer a range of different solutions to the problem. One of them, the fantastic Nicolites Deluxe Charging Kit, provides you with everything that you need to keep you e-cig charged including two batteries, a USB adaptor and a wall charger. But we're going even further in our quest to bring you the best value...

Free Batteries

When you bulk-buy Nicolites refills from Health and Care, we’ll throw in an extra battery absolutely free of cost. Why buy a battery (even a cheap battery) when you can have an official Nicolites battery for nothing? With an extra battery, you can always keep a spare that is charged  –  allowing you to swap them out whenever you need to. This completely eliminates the worry of being left high and dry without any power.

And that's not even the best part! With every multiple purchase of Nicolites cartomisers, you will be saving great amounts of money. Let us break it down for you:

  • 5 packs at £4.75 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £11 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)
  • 10 packs at £4.69 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £22.60 on RRP of Nicolites Refills)
  • 20 packs at £4.65 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £46.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills and receiving an extra battery)
  • 40 packs at £4.50 per pack of three cartomisers (saving £98.01 on RRP of Nicolites Refills and receiving 2 extra batteries)

Yes, you read that right - when you buy 40 packs of Nicolites refills, you're saving almost £100! And that is with every single purchase — this is not a limited time offer or a "while stocks last" deal, this is permanent. Stop your money going up in smoke and take advantage of our best Nicolites e-cigarettes offers.

    Fantastic Value

    Not only do you get a free extra battery with every order of 20 or 40 boxes of Nicolite refills, you buy them knowing you’re getting fantastic value for money. Buy the 40 pack, and you’ll save £2.45 per pack. Do the maths and that comes to a beautiful saving of almost £100!

    Whatever flavour you prefer, this offer will have you covered. Any 20 or 40 pack of Nicolites refills is eligible for this offer, so you can take advantage of this amazing deals regardless of which strength and flavour you like to use.

    Health and Care offers delivery that is free and fast, so your free battery could be with you in a matter of days! We also have a dedicated customer care team that are available to help you with your order or help with any queries you might have. To contact our team, please give us a call on 020 7720 2266 or leave us a message via the "Contact Us" page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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