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All Hail KT Tape!

Monday, 1 September 2014  |  Paul

What is KT Tape?

Kinesiology tape has been used for years as an injury prevention technique as well as to treat minor pains - and KT Tapes employ the latest technology to ensure maximum effectiveness. KT Tape adheres firmly to the skin wherever needed and provides support for muscles and joints and can also relieve muscle pain and enhance mobility!

Does KT Tape work?

Yes it can! Using KT Taping directly on the area of pain will, by not stretching the tape, lift the skin from the tissue to help reduce pain. For supporting muscles with KT Tape, the more the tape is stretched before application the more supportive it will be once applied.

What can I use KT Tape for?

Pretty much well anything so why not give it a go?!

- Ankle pain? KT Tape..
- Plantar Fasciitis? KT Tape..
- Hamstring pain? KT Tape..
- Knee pain? KT Tape..
- Wrist pain? KT Tape..
- Running support? KT Tape..
- Walking support? KT Tape..
- Tennis support? KT Tape..
- Football support? KT Tape..

Doesn’t it fall off too easily?

KT Tape should last a good few days on the body giving you round the clock support - ideal for repetitive training sessions or general support for days on end. What’s more, KT Tape won’t fall off in the shower!

Well if it doesn’t fall off easily, surely it’s really painful to remove?

It need not be! Pull off in the direction of hair growth and by using a bit of baby oil you can dissolve the adhesive to make it painless even for the most sensitive of souls.

So if you need a bit of muscle support or if you’ve got a pain in the neck/knee/back that you need sorting, you really ought to consider one of the KT Tapes in our range. They come in lots of ultra-colourful shades too!