Airlert Mat Technology: Feel the Difference

Tuesday, 26 January 2016  |  John

Ensuring that those under your care don’t leave their bed or chair without your help can be incredibly important – the dangers of chair and bed falls are all too well documented and can cause serious injury. Because of this, it’s vital that you use the best possible technology available to prevent bed or chair falls and stop people before they become a danger to themselves.

What Makes Airlert Mats Different?

Our friends at Frequency Precision have developed Airlert technology and have incorporated it into their bed and chair leaving mats.

Most bed and chair leaving mats use metal contacts in the mat to detect when someone is on the mat and when they are not – when someone is sitting or laying down on the mat the two metal contacts touch and the circuit is completed. When they stand up, the contacts move away from each other and the alarm is triggered

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Airlert bed and chair leaving mats instead use air to detect when someone leaves the mat. The mat is filled with air and when someone sits or lies on the mat, the control box detects their pressure and can detect when they leave the mat. This allows for much more specific monitoring and has many benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Airlert Mats?

Because Airlert Mats use air rather than metal contacts to detect pressure, the readings can be much more specific. One of the benefits of this is that it helps to reduce the risk of false alarms. False alarms aren’t just annoying for carers – they can also be dangerous as they can lead to carers ignoring leaving alarms because of the chance that someone isn’t leaving their bed. This in turn increases the chance of bed or chair falls occurring, defeating the point of leaving alarms completely.

Another benefit of Airflow mats over conventional leaving mats is that they can be used under pressure relief mattresses. This means that they are ideal for monitoring those who are at risk for pressure sores and other similar issues.

Plug Matching with Airlert Mats

One great benefit of Airlert mats is that they are available for a wide range of different systems thanks to Frequency Precision’s Plug Matched system. Just select your system and you can reap the benefits of Airlert technology without having to use two different call systems. This integration is simple and seamless – just plug the mat’s control box into your existing system and you’re good to go.

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