AFO Foot Drop Supports From Health and

Tuesday, 1 July 2014  |  Paul

There are various types of ankle braces around for drop foot and these range from functional and inexpensive foot drop supports to ultra high-tech performance drop foot supports. Choosing which foot drop support to opt for depends on your level of activity and items differ with their level of flexibility and comfort . If you’re looking for a drop foot brace take a look at my top 5;

  1. Standard AFO/Foot Drop Support
    A fantastic value option, our standard model AFO Foot Drop Support does its job perfectly for the least amount of money. With just the right amount of flexibility, this AFO Foot Drop Support is an ideal option for everyday use to support the foot and ankle with comfortable calf padding.
  2. Reinforced AFO/Foot Drop Support
    For extra strong support for foot drop, this AFO Foot Drop Ankle Support offers the same benefits as previously but offers increased peace of mind, with extra strength coming from a special infused plastic blend. Strength without sacrificing flexibility, this AFO Drop Foot Support enables a wider range of activities to be performed during its use.
  3. Benecare Swedish AFO
    I selected this Drop Foot Support as it is possibly the most comfortable Swedish Foot Drop Support in the Health and Care range. Injection moulded finish for high quality, low profile and also trimmable, this AFO Foot Drop Support has probably the softest padding of all around the calf and, advantageously, a large soft pad over the foot too for extra security.
  4. Boxia Drop Foot AFO Brace
    For a slightly different approach for combating foot drop, the Boxia Foot Drop AFO Brace works by attaching a soft pad wrapped around the ankle to the laces of normal shoes via straps. These keep the foot lifted and are discreet items great for everyday use with regular lace up shoes.
  5. Dynamic Walk AFO
    The top of the range AFO Foot Drop Support made from Carbon Fibre composite! The ultimate in strength and flexibility, this Dynamic Foot Drop Support can be heat-moulded for perfect fitting and is ultra-thin, allowing it to fit into any shoe with ease. By releasing stored energy, in two PEEK rods, on the upward swing phase it ensures constant lift for 100% reliable support.