ACL Injury Rehabilitation With The Kneehab Knee Rehab System

Friday, 6 January 2012  |  Paul

If you are looking for a fast rehabilitation process and speedy recovery time after suffering from knee conditions then look no further than the Kneehab XP Thigh Muscle and Knee Rehabilitation System available now from Health And Care.

The Kneehab Knee Rehab System is an innovative, clinically proven NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) system that is designed specifically to strengthen and re-educate the quadriceps muscle and improve knee stability through cycles of contraction and relaxation.

The Kneehab System has been used by top athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Skater Christopher Dean, Olympic Snowboarder Zoe Gillings, Footballer Colm O’Neill to name a few. We are pleased to announce that the Kneehab XP Thigh Muscle and Knee Rehabilitation System is now available not only to top-athletes but also to the general public through Health and Care.

The huge benefits of using the Kneehab Rehabilitation System are backed up by scientific evidence and confirmed by several independent clinical studies including the American Journal of Sports Medicine.(Edition: June 2009)

Patients who utilise the Kneehab XP device to aid post operative rehabilitation achieve significantly better strength and functional results at each time point in recovery and return to work up to 7 days quicker than patients who complete exercise rehabilitation alone. In addition, the Kneehab XP Thigh Muscle and Knee Rehabilitation System can be used to help and avoid surgery as it strengthens the Quadriceps, re-trains the muscle, decreases swelling through improving blood circulation and assists to improve knee stability. 

The Kneehab XP Thigh Musle and Knee Rehabilitation System is available to purchase now from Health and Care for £377.99 including VAT & Free Delivery. Health and Care offer one of the largest ranges of Rehabilitation Devices and Sports Supports & Braces in the UK.