A new way to prevent bed sores – the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad

Tuesday, 2 December 2014  |  Paul

This week, we have launched a brand new product on the Health and Care website. The Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad is the newest and simplest way to treat patients who suffer with or are at risk of bed sores. New statistics have estimated that just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least one pressure ulcer in any given year, with people over 70 years old being more susceptible to bed sores as they are less mobile and have aging skin. With these statistics in mind, as well as specially designed pressure relief products proven effectiveness over the years, the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad is the perfect choice for relieving the pain and stress that bed sores bring.

If you or your loved ones suffer or have suffered with bed sores, you will know the upset and frustration that comes with the condition; the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pads help to alleviate that distress and irritation. Here’s a little bit more information on the product.

The Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad is made of polyester fibres in layers, conforming to the body contours the pad provides pressure relief to the user and diminishes friction. The polyester also works to achieve zero sheering resulting in the pressure that builds being smoothed away when the material contracts.  With the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad the moisture drains to the bottom of the pad leaving the user dry and comfortable, this enables the user to avoid pressure build up keeping the skin pressure sore free.

An excellent benefit of the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad is it provides unwavering 24 hour support, as the pad can be easily transferred between bed and chair and is made of a hard wearing but lightweight material, it is the ideal product for nurses and carers who need to help with moving and turning patients. The pad is also suitable for use on both forward and rear tilting chairs, offering the user reassurance that they will not slip in a forward tilting position.

If you are looking for a product that is going to ease the pain, relieve the stress and upset that pressure sores can bring, and prevent them in the future then the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad is the product for you.

The Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pads are simple to use with no pumps, electricity or power needed and no adjustments required, meaning no technology knowledge required, a relief for some I’m sure!

To Buy the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pads please follow the link below.