A Guide to Wound & Cast Protectors

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A Guide to Wound and Cast Protectors

At any time of year having a limb in a cast can make daily life very hard work. When you come home from a stay in hospital being able to bathe in your own home can make you feel a lot more comfortable. Health and Care stock a range of different style cast protectors allowing you to bathe, shower and even swim without the worry of getting your cast wet – not need to mess around with plastic bags trying to keep your cast dry! Customers have specially found our children’s sizes helpful for bath time as it can be particularly quite hard to keep younger children’s casts dry. These products are available for many different parts of the body for your specific needs and can also be used to protect wounds, burns, bandages or gauzes and other conditions that need to be kept dry and protected. This guide will help you understand different brands and options of cast protector available to help you find the right one for your needs.

Limbo Plaster Cast and Dressing Protectors

The Limbo range of cast protectors have been designed to keep your plaster or dressing dry while bathing, showering and swimming. Limbo products have a waterproof lower section that protects the cast and stretchy neoprene material seal with a hole that you stretch over your cast and seals above to keep it dry. The soft neoprene fabric at the top makes the Limbo a great option for comfort, is easy to put on by yourself and will last through the average user’s duration of treatment.

The Limbo protectors are primarily designed for use when bathing at home but can also be used for swimming provided some care and basic common sense precautions are taken when moving in the water. Limbos are also intended to be used for 20-30mins at a time. Limbos are available in a variety of different kinds including paediatric sizes, standard arm and leg styles as well as more specialist protectors including an isolated elbow option as well as ‘Limbo Fingers’ providing protection for the hand while leaving your fingers able to move as usual whilst remaining protected.

Bloccs Waterproof Cast Protectors 

Bloccs Cast protectors are made here in Britain and have been designed to protect a cast or dressing and enable patients to bathe or shower as normal and are also suitable for use in the pool or at the beach.  The Bloccs range of products offers sizes for both adults and children and are fully watertight and completely submergible.  Bloccs are made from quality flexible blue rubber, the protector has a small hole which is stretched over the cast and then forms a tight seal against the skin above the cast keeping it well protected and completely watertight. The product is easy to put on and comfortable to wear and can be reused.

Seal-Tight Original and Active Cast and Bandage Protectors

The Seal-Tight range offers a safe and economical way to protect casts and bandages during showering or bathing with watertight protection that is easy to put on yourself. The Seal -Tight comes in either Original or Active styles. The Original is suitable for bathing only and will last around 6-8 weeks whilst the Active can be used in a swimming pool as well. The Seal-Tight Original features a patented application ring; the body of the protector is made from clear non-slip polyvinyl with a ring at the top sealing a stretchy diaphragm style disc with a hole in. The ring allows you to easily pull the stretchy opening up over your cast where it will create a water tight seal against the skin. The Seal-Tight Original may be a better option for the elderly or people with mobility issues as the ring design makes it very easy to apply.

The Seal-Tight Active is made from clear blue thermoplastic elastomer with a small stretchy opening at one end; the opening stretches over the cast to create a water tight seal against the skin. This style must be applied while partially submerging the protector in water to force the air out creating a seal suitable for even swimming. The Seal-Tight Active will last around 3-4 weeks.

Both the Original and Active are latex free. The Seal-Tight is the first ever product of its type to be recommended by the NHS based on formal measurements of improvement of quality of life and is officially recommended as part of Best Practice Care Pathway. The Seal-Tight range is also suitable for people with Diabetes who suffer from foot and leg ulceration and allows users to keep their bandages and dressings dry and safe when bathing or swimming.

Shower sleeve

The Shower Sleeve is our simplest and cheapest option for cast protection and is ideal if you are on a budget and need a protector for showering only. The Shower Sleeve provides a safe, easy and effective method to keep injuries and casts dry in the shower. The simple one size fits all design can be used on hand, arm, knee, foot or leg. The Shower Sleeve is also reusable and made form latex free plastic. The use the Shower Sleeve you simply position it into place and pull the draw strings tight to protect the cast form water.

All the above mentioned cast protectors are available from Health and Care with free delivery, we also offer guaranteed next day delivery for an additional charge which can be arranged with our customer care team – just give us a call on 0207 931 8766.