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A Guide to the Wireless Care alarm Kit

Tuesday, 17 September 2013  |  Paul

The Wireless Care Alarm Kit is one of our most popular products to help prevent falls and monitor wandering in the elderly and particularly suited to help those with mobility issues, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The Wireless Care Alarm Kit is easy to use and set up and is ideal for domestic use to help you care for a loved one around the home.

The kit is available with either a large bed mat or a smaller chair mat to choose from depending on where in the house the user will need help standing. The mats can either be placed on the floor where the user will step on them and the alarm will sound or they can be placed under the user in their bed or chair and the alarm will then sound when the user vacates the chair or bed.

The receiver and transmitter have a range of up to 30 metres which is suitable for most domestic environments and have alarm options of sound, vibration and light to warn of bed or chair vacation. The units run on 3 x AAA batteries or a mains adapter can be purchased separately if required. It is easy to set up the transmitter unit; there are 3 settings activated by one slide switch. The middle setting is off, the left setting is ‘press to transmit’ and the right setting is ‘release to transmit. The left setting of ‘press to transmit’ should be selected when the alarm is required to sound as the user steps on to the mat from their bed or chair. This setting is ideal for users who are not at immediate risk of fall, as they stand onto the mat the alarm will enable you to come to their assistance. The right hand setting of ‘release to transmit’ will sound the alarm as the user stands up and leaves the bed or chair. This setting may be more suitable for those with immediate fall risks as it enables you to come to the aid of the user as they are leaving the chair or bed.

For £69.99 with Free Delivery the Wireless Care Alarm Kit is a very cost effective way to help care for someone at home. The kit is also favoured by professional and care home environments and is an essential piece of kit to help prevent falls.