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A Guide to the Carriwell Range of Pregnancy Garments and Accessories

Monday, 3 June 2013  |  Paul

The Carriwell brand has been creating comfortable and practical pregnancy garments for over 14 years including designs for use at all stages of pregnancy and nursing. Here at Health and Care stock the full range of Carriwell products including the organic range, nursing swimsuit and other nursing garments. This guide will help you to locate the right products for you individual needs during pregnancy and after.

Pregnancy Support Bands

Carriwell offers two different support bands to help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

The Carriwell Comfort Maternity Support Band is a very soft and comfortable support band covering the whole tummy bump specifically designed to provide the kind of support needed during pregnancy. The band effectively supports your back and tummy during pregnancy but can also be worn post birth for tummy support and control. The band is constructed from a unique knitted material which ensures the bra stays put without sliding or rolling at the edges which can be frustrating and irritate the skin. The band is seamless for comfort so that it will not dig in and also makes the band discreet allowing it to be worn under tight clothing.

The alternative is the Carriwell Adjustable Velcro Pregnancy Support Belt which has been designed with pain relieving and posture correcting properties in mind.  The design and position of the belt on the hips helps to really reduce lower back pain by gently lifting your bump relieving pressure and thereby encouraging better posture. The adjustable aspect of the belt is ideal for comfort as you can adjust it to just the right level of support and comfort for you and it also allows the belt to be adjusted throughout your pregnancy as your sizes changes. The belt is made from soft elasticated fabric that is strong enough to offer effective support but is also soft on the skin with a design that will not dig into the skin.

Comfort Bras

The Carriwell range offers two different comfort bras. The Seamless Maternity Bra is designed to comfortably support your breasts from early in your pregnancy and also help to preserve your shape. The bra has been designed by Carriwell closely based on health professionals' advice. To ensure great support whilst avoiding the threat of milk duct blockage (mastitis) which can be caused by under wire bras. The Bra has a seamless construction for a smooth and discreet fit with exceptionally soft fabric and elasticised under band. The Seamless Bra also features a cross style racer back no hooks, clasps or clips that could dig in or cause discomfort. It is ideal to wear during the day but also at night as a comfortable sleeping bra, the elastic blend fabric covers up to two sizes so you don't have to change your Bra when milk comes in.

The other comfort bra form the Carriwell range is the Carriwell Comfort Maternity Bra is a great basic bra that is ideal for everyday wear, sleeping and feeding. This bra has been designed with no underwire, clips or buttons for extreme comfort and is soft and gentle on delicate skin and tissue and reducing the risk of Mastitis. It was initially designed as a surgical bra to offer comfort but also support for delicate breast tissue after surgery.  The design is perfect for wear at night as it is suitable for holding in breast pads at night and the stretchy lower support band is makes it easy and comfortable to move.

Feeding and Nursing Bra

The Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Maternity Bra (also available in a lace version) is endorsed by Leading Childbirth Educators and offers the complete solution for all the demands of the nursing period and is even the Winner of the 'Mother and Baby Favourite' award. This style of bra has been designed in a classic fashion specifically for fuller breasted women and the soft stretchy fabric covers up to two cup sizes so the bra will not cut into the skin or feel tight as milk comes in. The design is full elasticated for comfort and to ensure a great support for the breast whilst helping to cut the risk of Mastitis. Carriwell feeding bras have been designed to be as compatible as possible with the handling of your baby; all actions of the drop cup style bra can be easily undertaken with one hand only.

The Cleaver Accessory!

The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt is designed to allow expectant mothers to fit into their favourite clothes saving time and money that could be spent sourcing a maternity wardrobe. Now you can wear your own normal clothes into your pregnancy. The Flexi-belt is an elasticated, adjustable belt for convenient and comfortable use to adjust the waistline of garment for a growing belly. The belt also comes complete with three coloured panels to match different garments creating a complete solution to your clothing needs. The buckle is made from nickel free metal and the body is woven from organic cotton for your peace for mind, it is particularly soft and suitable for women with sensitive skin at all stage of pregnancy.

The Carriwell range is available in a variety of style and colour ways all available form Health and Care with Free Delivery.