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5 Types of Exercise Equipment for under £20

1 CommentFriday, 11 October 2013  |  Paul

Here we have our top 5 ten exercise pieces for under 20quid, these are all ideal for using at home when you’ve got a spare 20 minutesor even small enough to pop in your gym bag if you’re really keen.

With just 20 minutes every day, exercising with one of theseis a sure fire way of toning up and getting a mini workout without having tospend hundreds on bulky, unsightly equipment.

1. Dyna-Band at £9.99 These compact resistance bands are available in 4 different strengths and can be used on multiple areas of the body to tone and strengthen. Work your way up the strength and check out some videos on YouTube for some free workouts and exercise ideas.

2. Pedi-Roller Foot Massager at £9.99

This one sounds like more of a treat than apiece of exercise equipment, however this can actually help to strengthen weakmuscles in the foot and relieve you of any pain when you’ve been on your feetall day. Plus feet are always a part of the body that get forgotten about whenit comes to exercise, so make sure you don’t forget yours!

3. The Fitness Mad Resistance Tube at £12.99

This high quality resistance tube isavailable in 3 different strengths and has the added bonus of handles for aneasy grip. This one also comes in a little carry for easy transportation, maybealso a nice, little gift for someone.

4. Toesox Without Toes at £16.99 again, these ones may not be classed as “exercise equipment” but they areideal for use when working on a laminate floor at a class or at home. Thegripped bottom and open toes stop you from slipping around when practisingpilates, yoga, tai chi or even just when stretching out.

5. Fitness-Mad Stability Cushion at £20.99

This one has sneaked into the line-up eventhough it’s 99p over but I think this one is great. These work in a similar wayto the traditional swiss balls but without having a massive, annoying balllying around. Use this when doing squats, lunges, press-ups etc to get more outof your work out. You can also wash this in warm water, which I think alreadymakes it better than a swiss ball, as you’re guaranteed to be sweating withthis one.

All these are affordable little items and remember you getfree UK delivery on everything so the price you see is the price you pay! Maybeit’s time to start getting that Christmas list together….