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5 Common Exercise Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Monday, 15 April 2013  |  Paul
Although it’s good to see more people exercising and working out, an alarmingly high number of people injure themselves because they aren’t exercising and working out properly. This can be avoided by paying attention to exercise tips and advice made available by the experts and by paying attention to your body and its requirements by taking supplements like whey protein.

Exercise mistake # 1: Setting goals that are unrealistic

In order to make health and fitness gains you first have to set yourself goals. Take the time to think about what you want to achieve by exercising and ask yourself are these goals realistic with the amount of time you have to achieve them in? When setting yourself exercise goals make sure your goals are:

  • Realistic and specific. The goals you set yourself must be realistic and specific, for example bench pressing 80 kilograms within a certain time period or knocking a minute or two off a 5 kilometre run
  • Adjustable and action-orientated. Your goals must also be adjustable, and therefore flexible enough to accommodate challenges and disruptions which might arise, plus they should also be action-orientated so you know exactly how you’re going to achieve them
  • Time-based. If you don’t set yourself time-based goals you’ll find there’s a tendency to get bored and begin procrastinating, so by setting yourself a clear time-based goal you’ll have something to work to and a time to achieve it by

Exercise mistake # 2: Incorrect (inconsistent) progression

It’s important to remember that your body needs time to recover from your workouts and that exercising too hard, too often or increasing the intensity of your workouts too quickly often results in physical injuries. In order to make exercise gains, like building muscle mass and strength, a constant and gradual progression is required and will help you to avoid unnecessary injuries as well as making noticeable gains.

Exercise mistake # 3: Incorrect form or technique

Using the incorrect form or technique frequently results in injuries. Make sure know exactly how to perform an exercise before attempting it or at least have a trial run or two without weights. Common mistakes include using your body’s momentum to lift heavy weights and overextending when performing weight lifting exercises. There are a number of excellent websites where you can learn how to properly perform exercises using weights and these are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to invest in a few sessions with a personal trainer. 

Exercise mistake # 4: Underestimating or overestimating your eating requirements

It’s very important to remember that your body requires you to adopt certain eating habits when you exercise with an eye to reducing body fat and gaining muscle mass.  This is something no one can afford to overlook the importance of because a high protein diet with supplemental protein powders  is required to build and maintain muscle mass, certain foods are simply not conducive to losing body fat and under-eating often results in a significant loss of energy as well as muscle and organ damage.

Exercise mistake # 5: Not changing your workout frequently enough (or at all!)

It doesn’t take long for your body to get used to the exercises you perform. Cross training is an excellent form of physical training because it helps to condition different muscle groups, develop new skill sets and reduce boredom. This is why people cross train, because it prevents your body from becoming used to the workouts you put it through, plus it helps you to remain interested and ward off boredom which leads to procrastination.



About the Author:

Tegan O'Connor is a regular blog writer for Fitness Market, a family owned Australian company selling products aimed to help fitness enthusiasts. Their main goal is to help customers all across Australia achieve their health and fitness objectives through proper nutrition, protein powders, home gyms, and supplements.