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Blanket Cradles

In pressure relief scenarios, the extra weight of a blanket on a patient's legs and feet can provide unnecessary discomfort, and can even increase risk of pressure ulcers on heels. Our Blanket Cradles lift the duvet over the feet and legs, allowing the user to stay warm without having to deal with blanket pressure

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Leg Raiser and Blanket Cradle Complete Recovery Pack
  • Includes a Leg Lifter and Adjustable Blanket Cradle
  • Ideal for supporting and protecting recovering legs
  • Provides leg elevation while removing blanket weight
  • Everything needed for leg comfort and recovery in bed

Just Bedroom Adjustable Blanket Cradle
  • Designed to lift blankets off legs
  • Fits securely under mattress
  • Convenient adjustable frame
  • Ideal for care homes/at home

Folding Bed Cradle
  • Designed to keep blankets off a particular part of the body
  • Ideal for patients suffering from ulcers, skin irritation, painful or injured limbs
  • Easily fits in between the mattress and the bed frame
  • Folds flat for incredibly easy storage and transportation 

Sidhil Cromer Cantilever Bed Cradle
  • Elevates the sheet to protect sensitive skin
  • Suitable for use in a hospital/care home environment
  • Attaches securely by sliding under the mattress
  • Designed to enhance hygiene and prevent cross-contamination

Homecraft Adjustable Bed Cradle
  • Forms a support cradle for the bed covers
  • Ideal for people suffering from injured or painful limbs
  • Adjustable in height to best fit your needs
  • Two-part, foldable frame for easy storage and transport

Blanket Cradle
  • Steel Rail 
  • Fits underneath mattress
  • Holds bedclothes away from body 
  • For ventilation & pressure relief

Invacare Bed Cradle
  • Holds the weight of the duvet off the user
  • Can be used with any Invacare profiling bed
  • Lifts the duvet away from the legs and feet for comfort
  • Is positioned at the end of the bed to stay out of the way

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items