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Blanket Cradles

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Leg Raiser and Blanket Cradle Complete Recovery Pack
  • Includes a Leg Lifter and Adjustable Blanket Cradle
  • Ideal for supporting and protecting recovering legs
  • Provides leg elevation while removing blanket weight
  • Everything needed for leg comfort and recovery in bed

Blanket Cradle
  • Steel Rail 
  • Fits underneath mattress
  • Holds bedclothes away from body 
  • For ventilation & pressure relief

Folding Bed Cradle
  • Designed to keep blankets off a particular part of the body
  • Ideal for patients suffering from ulcers, skin irritation, painful or injured limbs
  • Easily fits in between the mattress and the bed frame
  • Folds flat for incredibly easy storage and transportation 

Homecraft Adjustable Bed Cradle
  • Forms a support cradle for the bed covers
  • Ideal for people suffering from injured or painful limbs
  • Adjustable in height to best fit your needs
  • Two-part, foldable frame for easy storage and transport

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items