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HEINE Binocular All-purpose Loupes
 HEINE Binocular All-purpose LoupesHEINE Binocular All-purpose Loupes 
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HEINE Binocular All-purpose Loupes

  • Cost effective and ideal for all purposes;
  • Crisp, clear images;
  • Adjustable and comfortable;
  • Available on coil temples or on Lightweight Headband.
Magnification/Working Distance:  

HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes (2.3x)

The HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes enjoy a low profile, lightweight (46g) design and an excellent value for money. These handy tools are used widely in dental laboratories and for general medical examination.

Manufactured to the highest standards of precision, the HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes produce crisp and clear magnified images thanks to its multi-coated, scratch resistant silica glass lenses.

The All-purpose Loupes also features independently adjustable PD controls to ensure precise alignment of the optics and adapting to the users needs. For further comfort these HEINE Binocular Loupes are available with spring-loaded, flexible coil temples which wrap around the users anatomy securely and comfortably.

Alternatively, the HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes are also available on a Lightweight Headband.

The Binocular All-Purpose Loupes are also a practical solution for users who wear glasses. Should one prefer to examine without glasses, one only need to adjust the Working Distance at which you employ the HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes, as indicated on the table below.

HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes Specifications:

Working Distance 340mm 450mm
Field of View 110mm 130mm
Depth of Field 120mm 190mm


'Working distance' refers to the distance at which the optics of the loupe remain sharply focused.

'Field of View' refers to the area that can be seen under magnification at the nominal working distance.

'Depth of Field' refers to the range over which the image remains sharply focused.

 HEINE Binocular All-Purpose Loupes Refractive Error Adjustments:

User's Refractive Error Effective Working Distance 340mm Effective Working Distance 450mm
+2 440mm 670mm
+1 390mm 560mm
0 340mm 450mm
-1 300mm 420mm


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Customer Reviews

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