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Since its beginnings in 1919, Beurer has been keeping their promise to take care of your health and wellbeing in all areas of life. Today their range includes everything from medical products specialised in prevention and diagnosis, to therapy devices, massagers, heating products and other gadgets that make up a modern and healthy lifestyle.

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Beurer LR500 Air Purifier
  • Air purifier removes bacteria and dust
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Removes 99.95% of particles from air
  • Can be used with Beurer FreshHome app

Beurer EM95 Bluetooth EMS Home Studio
  • EMS device for a top-quality workout
  • Helps you reach the top of your game
  • Works with personal trainer app
  • Includes 50 pre-programmed workout combinations

Beurer MK500 Maremed Sea-Air Simulator
  • Air-purifier that simulates sea-air
  • Ideal for pregnant women and babies
  • Fine nebulisation of sea salt particles in air
  • Features quiet night mode

Beurer BF1000 Super Precision Diagnostic Bathroom Scale
  • Bathroom scale that provides full body analysis
  • Ideal for personal and professional use
  • Monitors weight, body fat, calorie requirements, and more
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200kg (31.5 stone)

Beurer IPL10000 SalonPro Hair Remover with Precision Attachment
  • IPL precision hair removal
  • Ideal for use by salon professionals
  • Precision attachment for facial hair
  • Up to 50% hair reduction in 3 treatments

Beurer IPL9000 SalonPro Easy Hair Remover
  • Safe, fast and effective hair removal
  • For removing stubborn hairs all over the body
  • Removes 50% of hair in 3 treatments
  • Ultra-safe skin type sensor

Beurer MG280 Yoga and Stretch Mat
  • Mat inflates so as to imitate yoga stretches
  • For anyone suffering from inflexibility
  • Heat and massage function included
  • Features four programs with different functions

Beurer MG320 Shiatsu Seat Cover
  • Soothing Shiatsu massage for your home
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from pain, stress or fatigue
  • Offers three different massages
  • Optional heat function

Beurer LR330 2-In-1 Comfort Air Purifier
  • Household device that provides air cleaning and humidification in one
  • Suitable for use in rooms of up to 35m²
  • Removes dust, animal hair, odours, pollen, bacteria and viruses
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Beurer IPL7500 SatinSkin Pro with MyIPL App
  • IPL long-lasting hair removal
  • For removing hair all over your body
  • Works with Beurer MyIPL app
  • Up to 50% reduction in hair after 3 treatments

Beurer MG295 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover
  • Penetrating 3D back massage, spot and shiatsu neck massage
  • Select clockwise or anticlockwise massage direction
  • Features four massageheads for complete relaxation
  • Comes with a switchable light and heating function

Beurer MG300 Extra Large Shiatsu Seat Cover
  • Shiatsu neck and back massage, roll or spot massage
  • Automatic body scanning for customised massage experience
  • Includes three automatic massage programmes
  • Three massage areas: neck, back, neck and back

Beurer BF105 Body Complete Diagnostic Bathroom Scale
  • Personal scale for complete overview of your body composition
  • Family friendly, with ten user memory spaces plus guest mode
  • Allows USB and Bluetooth transfers to your computer or smart phone
  • Maximum weight capacity: 28 stone (180kg)

Beurer FM250 Vital Legs EMS Circulation Booster
  • Electrostimulation device that relieves swelling and pain in legs
  • Promotes circulation, relieves tension, and improves mobility
  • Selectable intensity levels from 1 to 99
  • Either mains or battery operated

Beurer LR310 Air Purifier
  • Air purifier to filter 99.5% of harmful particles from air
  • Provides clean air for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Removes harmful particles from the air
  • Creates a stress-free atmosphere

Beurer FM200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager
  • Foot massager designed for problems with Achilles tendon
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from Achilles tendonitis or painful feet
  • Featuring six rotating massage heads and two massage speeds
  • Massage heads can easily be removed for easy cleaning

Beurer BM95 Blood Pressure Monitor and ECG
  • Automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth or USB
  • One channel ECG for recording heart rhythm
  • Advanced arrhythmia detection

Beurer SAD Lamp TL 100 for Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Beurer TL 100 SAD lamp for seasonal affective disorder
  • Alleviates symptoms of light deficiency in the winter months
  • Has a 5-level treatment time display (from 15 to 120 minutes)
  • Light intensity is approximately 10 000 lux (distance of 10cm)

Beurer TL90 Floorstanding Daylight Lamp for SAD
  • Provides daylight for use in case of light deprivation
  • Exceptionally attractive design that looks great in any room
  • Light intensity approximately 10 000 lux (distance of 15cm)
  • Has a treatment time indicator in 15-minute steps

Beurer TL70 Mid-Size Daylight Lamp for SAD
  • Provides wellbeing for body and soul
  • Small diameter of 33cm for easy portability
  • Offers ten brightness levels to choose from
  • Practical and attractive slim design with LED technology

Beurer IPL6500 SatinSkin Pro Hair Remover
  • Long-lasting hair removal
  • Removes stubborn, fast-growing hair
  • Can be used on most parts of the body
  • Up to 50% hair reduction after 3 treatments

Beurer TL55 Day and Night Daylight Therapy Lamp
  • Lamp to encourage a healthy sleep cycle
  • Ideal for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder
  • Nighttime function encourages sleep
  • Portable and compact for versatile use

Beurer SL70 Gentle Snore Stopper
  • Innovative detection and immediate termination of snoring
  • Easy fixation to the ear, where it remains barely visible
  • Operated using a free app Beurer SleepQuiet
  • Gentle therapy for light and heavy snorers

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Spa Massager
  • Foot massage spa massager
  • Water heating at five levels (35 - 48°C)
  • Equipped with soothing infrared lights
  • Six integrated magnets for magnetic field therapy

Beurer FM90 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Shiatsu and air pressure massager for the soles of the feet
  • Ideal for those suffering from sore, tired or painful feet
  • Choice of three preset massage programmes
  • Function display with coloured LED on the button

Beurer WL90 4-in-1 Wake-Up Light
  • Wake-up light, mood light, reading lamp and music station
  • Radio, alarm or wake-up melodies to get you out of bed
  • Shows simulated colours of sunrise and sunset
  • Allows you to play your own music via Bluetooth

Beurer FM150 Pressure Massage Leg Cuffs
  • Provide revitalising pressure massage
  • Continuously adjustable massage intensity
  • Improve blood circulation and relieve heavy and tired legs
  • Air pressure massage with inflating and deflating air cushion

Beurer ME90 Personal ECG Monitor
  • Mobile 1-channel ECG device for recording heart rhythm
  • Optimal control of heart rhythm via Beurer Cardio Expert app
  • Small and handy, practical to carry in your bag
  • Detects arrhythmia and varies waveforms

Beurer ST100 Stress ReleaZer Relaxation Aid
  • Relaxation aid and breathing trainer to relieve stress
  • Small and lightweight device can be used anywhere you need to relax
  • Combines soothing vibrations, breathing exercises, music and heat
  • Battery powered, with 4-hour charging time

Beurer LR200 Compact Air Purifier
  • Air purifier that ensures a healthy indoor environment
  • Suitable for room size of up to 28m²
  • Outstanding filter performance of 99.5%
  • Compact size is ideal for smaller homes

Beurer PO80 Pulse Oximeter for Determining SpO2 and Pulse Frequency
  • Enables simple and pain-free measurements 
  • Ideal for use at home and on the move
  • Suitable for sports at high altitudes
  • Alarm function with limit values individually set

Beurer WL75 Wake-Up Light, Mood and Reading Lamp
  • Helps with waking up more easily thanks to gentle sunrise simulation
  • Supports falling asleep with a simulation of a natural sunset
  • Easy use and monitoring via Beurer LightUp app
  • Mood light with change of colours

Beurer MG520 Portable  Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Has four rotating massage heads and two massage directions
  • Ideal for relaxation and regeneration after workout
  • Can be used on shoulders, neck, back and legs
  • Equipped with a soothing heat function

Beurer BM77 Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth
  • Fully automatic measurement on the upper arm for fast and comfortable use
  • Measurements can be monitored using Beurer HealthManager app
  • Enables transfers by Bluetooth low-energy technology or USB
  • Cuff fits upper arm circumferences from 24cm to 40cm

Beurer SE80 Sleep Monitor for Scientific Sleep Monitoring at Home
  • Provides non-contact sleep monitoring and analysis
  • Equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology
  • Discreet, unnoticeable and can easily be placed under a mattress
  • Ideal for measuring, analysing and improving personal sleeping habits

Beurer MG100 Infrared Tapping Massager with Double Head
  • Penetrating and relaxing tapping massage
  • Use the two heads individually or as a pair
  • Four massage programmes and five speeds
  • Infrared heat is separately switchable

Beurer SL60 Snore Mask
  • Easy-to-use snore mask that offers immediate relief
  • Suitable for light to heavy snoring
  • Individually adjustable to fit the shape of your head
  • Includes a built-in rechargeable battery

Beurer MG510 Portable Tapping Massager
  • Choice of five massage intensities
  • Powerful and soothing tapping massage
  • Ideal for relaxation and regeneration after workout
  • Comes with four exchangeable massage attachments

Stay Warm Bundle
  • Money-saving bundle that will keep you warm
  • Includes a heated blanket and a battery-operated heated scarf
  • Ideal for staying warm at home and outdoors
  • Both items supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Beurer LB88 Dual Technology Air Humidifier
  • Air humidifier that ensures an optimum indoor environment
  • Suitable for use in rooms up to 48m²
  • Three water heating levels to suit your specific needs
  • Extra quiet for pleasant use even at night

Beurer PC100 Posture Control Trainer
  • Posture trainer to prevent poor posture 
  • For anyone who sits or stands for long periods
  • For use with the '8Sense' app 
  • Recommended by physiotherapists and physicians

Beurer BM85 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fully automatic measurement on the upper arm for fast and comfortable use
  • Measurements can be monitored using Beurer HealthManager app
  • Enables transfers by Bluetooth low energy technology and USB
  • Cuff fits upper arm circumferences from 22cm to 36cm

Beurer MG153 4D Neck Massager
  • Neck massager designed to simulate feeling of hands
  • For anyone suffering from neck pain or stiffness
  • Includes a heating feature for even greater comfort
  • Easy-to-use design with control buttons on handles

Beurer TL50 Compact Daylight Lamp for SAD
  • Ideal for battling symptoms of light deficiency
  • Compact diameter of 25m for easy portability
  • Attractive and slim design thanks to LED technology
  • Light intensity approximately 10 000 lux (distance of 15cm)

Beurer BF950 Diagnostic Bathroom Scale
  • Personal scale that provides full body analysis
  • Suitable for anyone keeping track of their body composition
  • Includes pregnancy mode for controlled weight gain
  • Maximum weight capacity of 180kg (28 stone)

Beurer TL41 Daylight Therapy Lamp for SAD
  • Convenient Daylight Therapy Lamp
  • Ideal for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Provides exceptionally bright and even illumination
  • Can be placed on desk or hung from the wall

Beurer MG206 Space Saving Shiatsu Seat Cover
  • Relaxing shiatsu back massage for relief from pain or stress
  • Easy to operate in your own home
  • Optional heating function for additional comfort
  • Choice between three different massage programs

Beurer MG150 Neck Massager
  • Deep shoulder and neck massage
  • Two massage heads for a tapping motion
  • Targeted application for the hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy to operate with buttons on the device

Beurer FM60 Height-Adjustable Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Soothing foot massage with 18 massage heads
  • Relaxing heat function and two massage speeds
  • Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage
  • Function display with coloured LED on the on/off button

Beurer MP70 Moisturising Paraffin Bath
  • Moisturising bath for hands, feet and elbows
  • Ideal for anyone with dry, sore skin
  • Improves poor circulation
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Features a 15-minute timer and automatic switch-off
  • Helps with colds, and tense or aching muscles
  • Steplessly adjustable tilt angle for flexibility
  • Enables easy exchange of tubes

Beurer LB45 Air Humidifier
  • Air purifier creates a stress free environment
  • Ideal for anyone prone to respiratory infections
  • Can also be used as an aroma diffuser
  • Low energy consumption

Beurer MG151 3D Shiatsu Self-Massager
  • 3D massage heads offer a true massage experience
  • Suitable for shoulders, neck, back or legs
  • Includes a light and heating function
  • Three intensity levels and two rotation directions

Beurer FC72 Pureo Ionic Hydration Face Sauna
  • Facial sauna to open pores and hydrate skin
  • Ideal solution for dry skin and clogged pores
  • Features ion technology for deep hydration
  • Promotes blood circulation

Beurer MG135 Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Cushion simulates Shiatsu massage
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from back pain
  • Features a heat and light function
  • Designed to simulate a traditional massage

Beurer GL50 EVO Blood Glucose Measuring Device
  • Wide test strips and simple measurement markings for easy use
  • Lancing device integrated into the unit with adjustable penetration depth
  • Can take measurements with only 0.6µl of blood in five seconds
  • Suitable for self-testing at home

Beurer BY90 Baby Scale
  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth baby scale
  • For weighing babies up to 20kg
  • HOLD function for wriggly babies
  • TARE function for ease of use

Beurer MG148 Shiatsu Massage Belt
  • Targeted massage for shoulder and neck area
  • Easy operating element on the belt
  • Four rotating massage heads
  • Practical handle for manual positioning

Beurer BM55 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fully automatic measurements on the upper arm
  • Patented resting indicator for exact results
  • Extra large display with white back light
  • For upper arm circumferences from 22cm to 36cm

Beurer CC50 Heated Cosy Cape
  • Fleece heated cape to warm you up
  • Ideal for anyone who feels the chill
  • Detachable chord so can be worn around home
  • Automatic safety switch-off

Beurer LB44 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier
  • Air humidifier for optimum air humidity in your home
  • Suitable for use in rooms up to 25m²
  • Can be used with aroma oils for room fragrancing
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Beurer EM50 TENS Menstrual Relax Machine
  • TENS machine for treating period pains
  • Ideal for period cramps or endometriosis
  • Rechargeable battery for reliable use
  • Ergonomic shape fits to your stomach

Beurer GS405 SignatureLine Stainless Steel Scale
  • Stainless steel weighing scales
  • For those weighing up to 200kg
  • Safety glass is 8mm thick 
  • Anti-fingerprint surface for easy cleaning

Beurer EM37 Stomach Toning Belt
  • Provides stimulation of front and side abdominal muscles
  • Comes with four wear-free electrodes that require no contact gel
  • Uses EMS for muscle training and regeneration
  • Fits waist sizes from 70cm to 140cm

Beurer EM49 Digital TENS and EMS Device
  • Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) for muscle training and regeneration
  • Two separately adjustable channels with four self-adhesive electrodes
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief
  • Massages and improves your general wellbeing

Beurer FM39 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Foot massager with an optional heat function
  • Ideal for home users with tired feet
  • Allows easy operation with the foot
  • Surface made of breathable mesh material

Beurer BM54 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Automatic blood pressure and pulse monitor
  • Suitable for upper arm circumference from 22cm to 44cm
  • Allows wireless transfer of values to your smart phone
  • Detects arrhythmia and signals a warning

Beurer Heat Pad for Back Pain HK72
  • Mobile heat pad for back pain
  • Suitable for people suffering from back pain
  • Automatic switch-off function for safer use
  • Cosy and skin-friendly back warmer

Beurer AS95 Pulse Bluetooth Activity Sensor
  • Tracks your sleep and fitness data
  • For busy people to keep fit
  • Presents optimum activity level
  • For use with the HealthManager app

Beurer MG70 Infrared Massager with Tapping Massage
  • Powerful tapping for deep relaxation
  • Infrared heat is separately switchable
  • Continuously adjustable massage intensity
  • Two removable massage attachments included

Beurer BM57 Medical Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Compatible with free Beurer HealthManager app
  • Uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone
  • Arrhythmia detection and warning

Beurer HK67 Portable Heated Back Belt for Back Pain
  • Mobile back heat belt with pad for back pain
  • Portable heat pad features power bank
  • Heated belt fits around the waist
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings

Beurer Cosy Heated Cape
  • Made from breathable and skin-friendly materials
  • Has six temperature settings for added comfort
  • Automatic switch-off function after three hours
  • Outer cover is machine washable at 30°C

Beurer BG51 XXL Heavy Duty Diagnostic Bathroom Scale
  • Personal scale that provides a quick overview of your body statistics
  • Suitable for users weighing up to 31.5 stone (200kg)
  • Extra large standing surface made of safety glass
  • Offers personalised analysis with ten user memory spaces

Beurer Butterfly-Shaped Heat Pad HK115
  • Made from ultra soft, formfitting materials
  • Comes with six temperature settings
  • Features an automatic switch-off function
  • Can easily be machine washed for better hygiene

Beurer TL30 Portable Daylight Lamp
  • Designed for light deprivation symptoms in the winter months
  • Portable daylight lamp with LED technology
  • Light intensity approximately 10 000 lux (distance of 10cm)
  • One-button operation for your convenience

Beurer HK47 Mobile Heated Seat Pad with Powerbank
  • Ideal heating pad for use outside the house
  • Charging function for smartphones
  • Removable powerbank provides two hours of heat
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings

Beurer HK 70 Heated Lumbar Support
  • Ergonomic heated support for your back
  • Suitable for anyone looking to improve their back health
  • Three heating levels for customisable warmth
  • Suitable for use in the home, office or car

Beurer MG149 Shiatsu Massage Ergonomic Cushion
  • Versatile massage cushion
  • Ideal for anyone feeling tense
  • Features soothing heat function
  • Ergonomic shape for extra comfort

Beurer EM39 Abdominal and Back Muscle Belt
  • Provides electronic stimulation of abdominal and back muscles
  • Comes in one size that fits waist sizes from 75cm to 130cm
  • Has five training programmes (from 22 minutes to 31 minutes)
  • No contact gel or replacement electrodes are required

Beurer LB37 Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Practical device to ensure optimum levels of air humidity
  • Suitable for use in rooms up to 20m²
  • Can also be used with essential oils for room fragrancing
  • Available in two colours: White and Toffee

Beurer FB30 Foldable and Space Saving Foot Spa
  • Water tempering, vibration massage and bubble massage
  • Equipped with soothing infrared light dots
  • Deeper than most foot baths when extended
  • Includes one pedicure attachment (pumice stone)

Beurer BF850 Diagnostic Bathroom Scale with Bluetooth
  • Personal scale that provides full body analysis
  • Suitable for anyone keeping track of their body composition
  • Comes with eight user memory spaces for personalised analysis
  • Maximum weight capacity of 180kg (28 stone)

Beurer GS 340 XXL Glass Bathroom Scale
  • Extra large glass scales
  • For those weighing up to 200kg
  • Includes a TARE function
  • Ideal for weighing babies, pets and luggage

Beurer HK49 Grey Back and Abdomen Luxury Heating Pad
  • Comfortable back and abdomen warmer
  • Adjustable Velcro fastener for your perfect fit
  • Rapid heating setting for instant relief
  • Made from soft, breathable materials

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale
  • Practical baby scale for home use
  • For weighing babies up to 20kg
  • Features TARE function for convenience
  • Features HOLD function for accuracy

Beurer TL20 Daylight Therapy SAD Lamp
  • Compact-sized LED lamp to fight seasonal affective disorder
  • Suitable for use at home or in the office
  • Versatile stand can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Light intensity of approximately 10,000 lux

Beurer HK125 XXL Cosy Heat Pad in Grey
  • Extra-large heat pad for whole body
  • For anyone who wants to keep warm
  • Equipped with Beurer's safety system
  • Amazingly soft and snugly

Beurer BC57 Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the wrist
  • Results can be monitored using the Beurer HealthManager app
  • Automatic measurement during inflation for faster results
  • Transfers by Bluetooth low-energy technology

Beurer FB35 Relaxing Aroma Therapy Foot Bath
  • Vibration massage and bubble massage all in one
  • Aromatherapy function for deeper relaxation
  • Comes with three exchangeable pedicure attachments
  • Features 16 integrated magnets for magnetic field application

Beurer MG147 Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Shiatsu massage for your neck, back, shoulders or legs
  • Four massage heads rotating in opposite directions
  • Equipped with light and heat functions
  • Easy operation with manual control switch

Beurer BC21 Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pressure monitor with talking function for ease of measurement
  • Suitable for wrist circumference from 14 to 19.5cm
  • Offers fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the wrist
  • Voice output in English, German, French, Italian and Turkish

Beurer HK53 Back and Neck Heating Pad
  • Extra-soft heating pad with three temperature settings
  • Perfect to keeping you warm, or relieving tension in the back or neck
  • Formfitting design ensures optimal use for every shape and size
  • Made with breathable, skin friendly materials

Beurer HK58 Back and Neck Heat Pad
  • Provides quick and comfortable pain relief
  • Soft, breathable and skin-friendly microfibre cover
  • Innovative button switch with LED lights
  • Has six illuminated temperature settings

Beurer EM27 Ankle TENS Machine Brace
  • Comfortable TENS machine for ankle pain
  • Fits ankles between 18 - 31cm circumference
  • Four pre-programmed pain relief patterns
  • Hassle-free with an adjustable, ergonomic fit

Beurer BF410 SignatureLine Diagnostic Bathroom Scale
  • Diagnostic scales with a large standing surface
  • For use by those who weigh up to 200kg
  • Calculates BMI
  • Reliable 8mm thick safety glass

Beurer FB21 Massage Foot Bath with Carry Handle
  • Foot bath with pedicure attachments and soothing infrared light
  • Ideal for anyone who needs a bit of pampering
  • Offers three types of relaxing massage for your feet
  • Equipped with three interchangeable pedicure attachments

Beurer OT30 Basal Thermometer
  • Basal thermometer for natural family planning
  • Ideal for anyone trying to stay on top of their cycle
  • Supports oral and vaginal measurements
  • Completely waterproof and can be easily disinfected

Beurer BM44 Blood Pressure Monitor with One-Touch Button Operation
  • Extra-large blue illuminated display
  • One-touch illuminated button operation
  • Fully automatic measurement on the upper arm
  • Arrhythmia detection and warning in case of irregularities
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