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Beurer Heating Products

With Beurer Heating Products, you can stay warm and cosy without having to turn up the heating. A broad choice of heat pads, heated underblankets, electric blankets and foot warmers ensures cosy warmth exactly where you need it.

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Beurer FM90 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Shiatsu and air pressure massager for the soles of the feet
  • Ideal for those suffering from sore, tired or painful feet
  • Choice of three preset massage programmes
  • Function display with coloured LED on the button

Stay Warm Bundle
  • Money-saving bundle that will keep you warm
  • Includes a heated blanket and a battery-operated heated scarf
  • Ideal for staying warm at home and outdoors
  • Both items supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Features a 15-minute timer and automatic switch-off
  • Helps with colds, and tense or aching muscles
  • Steplessly adjustable tilt angle for flexibility
  • Enables easy exchange of tubes

Beurer CC50 Heated Cosy Cape
  • Fleece heated cape to warm you up
  • Ideal for anyone who feels the chill
  • Detachable chord so can be worn around home
  • Automatic safety switch-off

Beurer EM50 TENS Menstrual Relax Machine
  • TENS machine for treating period pains
  • Ideal for period cramps or endometriosis
  • Rechargeable battery for reliable use
  • Ergonomic shape fits to your stomach

Beurer Heat Pad for Back Pain HK72
  • Mobile heat pad for back pain
  • Suitable for people suffering from back pain
  • Automatic switch-off function for safer use
  • Cosy and skin-friendly back warmer

Beurer HK67 Portable Heated Back Belt for Back Pain
  • Mobile back heat belt with pad for back pain
  • Portable heat pad features power bank
  • Heated belt fits around the waist
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings

Beurer Cosy Heated Cape
  • Made from breathable and skin-friendly materials
  • Has six temperature settings for added comfort
  • Automatic switch-off function after three hours
  • Outer cover is machine washable at 30°C

Beurer Butterfly-Shaped Heat Pad HK115
  • Made from ultra soft, formfitting materials
  • Comes with six temperature settings
  • Features an automatic switch-off function
  • Can easily be machine washed for better hygiene

Beurer HK47 Mobile Heated Seat Pad with Powerbank
  • Ideal heating pad for use outside the house
  • Charging function for smartphones
  • Removable powerbank provides two hours of heat
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings

Beurer HK 70 Heated Lumbar Support
  • Ergonomic heated support for your back
  • Suitable for anyone looking to improve their back health
  • Three heating levels for customisable warmth
  • Suitable for use in the home, office or car

Beurer HK49 Grey Back and Abdomen Luxury Heating Pad
  • Comfortable back and abdomen warmer
  • Adjustable Velcro fastener for your perfect fit
  • Rapid heating setting for instant relief
  • Made from soft, breathable materials

Beurer HK125 XXL Cosy Heat Pad in Grey
  • Extra-large heat pad for whole body
  • For anyone who wants to keep warm
  • Equipped with Beurer's safety system
  • Amazingly soft and snugly

Beurer HK53 Back and Neck Heating Pad
  • Extra-soft heating pad with three temperature settings
  • Perfect to keeping you warm, or relieving tension in the back or neck
  • Formfitting design ensures optimal use for every shape and size
  • Made with breathable, skin friendly materials

Beurer HK58 Back and Neck Heat Pad
  • Provides quick and comfortable pain relief
  • Soft, breathable and skin-friendly microfibre cover
  • Innovative button switch with LED lights
  • Has six illuminated temperature settings

Beurer Grey Shoulder and Neck Heat Pad HK54
  • Heated solution to neck and back pain
  • Ideal for cold evenings and sore necks
  • Covered with comfy micro fleece
  • Three temperatures for customised control

Beurer HD 75 Cosy Heated Blanket
  • Heated overblanket with fleece fibre surface
  • Ideal if you want to stay warm while saving on heating
  • Featuring six temperature settings to meet your needs
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Beurer HK 37 Heated Tube Scarf with Powerbank
  • Stylish accessory that keeps you as warm as you would like
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and sports in the winter
  • Two hours of battery life ensure you can use it anywhere
  • Supplied with a lithium-ion battery and charging cable

Beurer HK55 Heat Pad
  • Ergonomically shaped for abdomen, back and joints
  • Can be used rolled up as a neck heating pad
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings
  • Automatic switch-off function for added safety

Beurer FW20 Cosy Taupe Electric Foot Warmer
  • Efficiently warms feet and ankles
  • One size will fit cold feet of all sizes
  • Three illuminated temperature options
  • Made from high-quality fleece

Beurer HK57 Mobile Shoulder Heat Pad with Powerbank
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Has a charging function for smartphones
  • Powerbank provides up to two hours of cordless heat
  • Can easily be worn under clothing without appearing bulky

Beurer Grey Electric Heated Cushion HK48
  • Comfy electric heated cushion
  • For those who crave the comfort of a hot water bottle
  • Automatic switch off after 90 minutes
  • A choice of three temperature options

Beurer FW20 Cosy Grey Electric Foot Warmer
  • Keeps your feet warm at low cost
  • Ideal for people with cold feet or Raynaud's
  • Automatic shut-off after 90 minutes
  • Made from soft, comfortable fleece

Beurer Electric Heated Cushion
  • Cosy electric heated cushion
  • Simulates the comfort of a hot water bottle
  • Automatic switch off after approximately 90 minutes
  • Three illuminated temperature settings via remote control

Beurer Heating Pad HK35
  • Quick and practical way to stay warm
  • Comes with rapid heat-up function
  • Features automatic switch-off function for added safety
  • Offers three temperature settings

Beurer HK42 Super Cosy Heat Pad
  • Amazingly soft surface for added comfort
  • Breathable, cosy and skin-friendly material
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings
  • Automatic switch-off function for extra safety

Beurer HK44 'Not a Hot Water Bottle' Heat Pad
  • Soft heating pad in the shape of a water bottle
  • Breathable, cosy and skin-friendly material
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings
  • Automatic switch-off function for extra safety

Beurer HK 35 Blue Heat Pad
  • Easy way to stay warm over winter
  • Automatic switch-off means its safe for everyone
  • Features a rapid heating setting to prevent waiting
  • Attractive blue leaf design for stylish use

Beurer HK Luxury Heat Pad 100th Anniversary Edition
  • Versatile electronic heating pad
  • Anyone can use the extra-safe pad
  • Rapid heat up function for instant relief
  • Automatic safety switch-off after 90 minutes

Beurer Luxury Heat Pad for Neck and Back Pain
  • Beurer heat pad for neck pain
  • Can be used as an electric neck and shoulder warmer
  • Beurer luxury heat pad features turbo heating
  • Has three illuminated temperature settings

Beurer HK25 Grey/White Electric Heat Pad
  • Electric alternative to hot water bottle
  • Ideal as a cheap method of staying warm at home
  • Easy to transport, only 40 x 30cm
  • Automatic switch-off to avoid overheating

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