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Bellman Visit Ionisation Smoke Alarm
 Bellman Visit Ionisation Smoke AlarmBellman Visit Ionisation Smoke Alarm 
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Bellman Visit Ionisation Smoke Alarm

  • Fire alarm for the hard of hearing which alerts receiver when triggered
  • Detects both smoke and heat
  • Detects both visible and invisible smoke
  • Alerts receiver when battery is running low


Dispatched in 1-4 days  

Dispatched in 1-4 days

£149.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£124.99 Exc. VAT)

Bellman Visit Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Fire alarms are vital in any home. Helping protect you and your family, a standard fire alarm will emit a siren to alert the inhabitants of any danger. But what if you have a hearing impairment? The Bellman Visit Ionisation Smoke Alarm is designed with the hard of hearing in mind, ensuring that you too can be alerted in order to be as safe as possible in your home. Ionised smoke alarms are typically more effective at identifying rapidly spreading, flaming fires.

How Does the Ionisation Smoke Alarm Work?

The alarm transmitter system uses radio signals and receivers to notify you of potential fires in your home. The receiver will pick up any transmission and convey this potential danger to you using a light, sound and/or vibration signal. The alarm features battery supervision to warn you when it is running low, and it's also impossible to mount the alarm without the battery, ensuring that you'll never be without protection.

Highly sensitive and compact, the Bellman Ionisation Smoke Alarm will help you sleep a little easier with the knowledge that you will be alerted if there is a fire. 

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm

Equipping your home with a suitable fire alarm system is paramount in ensuring your protection from house fires. The Ionisation Smoke Alarm includes various features which make it ideal for the hard of hearing:   

  • Can detect both smoke and abnormal heat, unlike many standard alarms that only detect one or the other
  • Ionised smoke alarms are generally better at detecting rapid burning fires with an open flame and oxygen supply
  • Detects both visible and invisible smoke
  • Reduced sensitivity function - you can set the Smoke Alarm to a less sensitive mode, for example when cooking
  • Adjustable radio key - allows reliable use even in close proximity to other Visit Transmitters
  • Wireless transmission with 200m operating range
  • Cannot be mounted without the battery inside, for your safety
  • Low battery alert signals receiver so that the user will always know when to change the battery
  • Broadcast mode can override the radio key settings
  • Mounts onto ceiling using mounting plate and screws (both included)

Technical Specifications

  • Battery power: 9V Duracell MN1604 alkaline battery
  • Operation time: Minimum 3 years
  • Active power consumption: 40mA
  • Idle power consumption: < 15μA
  • Radio frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Number of radio keys: 64
  • Coverage: 200m (with clear line of sight)
  • Activation via Test Button, built-in smoke detector and built-in temperature sensor (if temperature exceeds approx 57 degrees Celsius)
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 140 x 118 x 42mm
  • Weight: 200g (with battery)
  • Colour: White

Additional Information

For best coverage, the Smoke Alarm's antenna should be straight and pointed directly down. The Smoke Alarm should ideally be placed in the centre of the ceiling, at least 50cm from any wall. Avoid installing in kitchens, fireplaces or garages to prevent confusion with cooking fumes and car exhausts. The Smoke Alarm should not be fitted in damp spaces, close to fans or in agricultural buildings, and should not be painted over. 

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