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Welcome to our Bath Steps area, where you will find a selection of adjustable-height bath steps and fixed height bath steps, all designed to make getting into and out of the bath so much easier. Our range of bath steps provides you with a good deal more confidence when bathing. Our bath steps are versatile and can help in many situations. 

Thousands of people who suffer from arthritis or mobility problems, or those who are recovering from an operation, may require a bath step when getting into and out of the bath. Bath steps can help in many ways, making your bathing experience a confident and relaxing one. Bath steps can make the distance from the floor to the edge of the bath smaller for easier access into and out of the bath, and our height-adjustable bath steps are perfect for making the floor surface the same height as the bottom of the bath. This levelling of surfaces ensures that both the bath surface and the floor height are the same, steadying your entry into and exit from the bath and ensuring that you do not overbalance.

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Prima Bath Step
  • Built-in non-slip pads makes step safe and secure
  • Supplied as a set so you can adjust the step
  • Large, flat surface area to suit most users
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility

Additional Riser for the Coopers Prima Bath Step
  • Accessory for the Prima Bath Step
  • Allows the height of the bath step to be increased
  • Enables a maximum height of approximately 12 inches
  • Ideal for people that require more height

Adjustable Height Bath Step (Pack of 4 Layers)
  • Four layers so step can be adjusted to your needs
  • Step is easy to wipe clean for improved hygiene
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility or flexibility
  • Assists with getting in and out of the bath

Adjustable Step Stool
  • Durable Plastic design;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Removable sections;
  • Slip resistant surface.

Bathroom Step Stool
  • Durable portable design;
  • Suitable for bathroom and kitchen;
  • Non slip rubber ferrules on feet;
  • Non slip rubber step.

Bathroom Step Stool with Hand Rail
  • Durable portable design;
  • Large hand rail for additional support;
  • Non slip rubber ferrules on feet;
  • Non slip rubber step.

Coopers Prima Bath Step
  • Ideal for people who have difficulty entering or exiting the bath
  • Non-slip pads for better safety
  • Modular design allows step height to be increased
  • Two steps can also be linked side-by-side for a larger surface area

Drive Medical - Foot Stool with Handrail
  • Handrail for support and safety;
  • Steel welded frame;
  • Non-slip rbbed rubber platform;
  • Reinforced rubber tipps.


A sturdy, steady footstool with rubber mat surface and chrome plated steel frame. This makes access to the bath easier.

Medi-Plinth Double Step
  • Robust steel construction
  • Epoxy powder-coated for extra durability
  • Anti-slip feet and rubber anti-slip surface for patient safety
  • Available in Single Step or Dual Step

Medi-Plinth Single Step
  • Robust steel construction provides lasting quality
  • Epoxy powder-coated for extra durability
  • Anti-slip feet and rubber anti-slip surface for patient safety
  • Also available as a double-step version

Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step
  • Consists of 3 stacking steps;
  • Non slip feet on steps;
  • Non slip surface for added safety;
  • Attractive bright white finish.

Prima Bath Step 1'' Riser  Only
  • Attractive mint colour;
  • Soft feet to prevent slippage;
  • Unique modular design for stacking;
  • Great grip for the user.

Prima Height Adjustable Bath Step
  • Adjustable in height;
  • Reduce the possibility of over-balancing;
  • Get into and out of the bath much more easily;
  • Four non-slip feet.

Savanah Modular Bath Step
  • Can purchase multiple bath steps to make set of stairs or larger area
  • Ideal for making daily activities like getting into and out of bath easier
  • Both sides of step have curved cut-out near the floor
  • Step can be picked up and moved around easily

Steel Step Stool
  • Suited for indoors and outdoors
  • Strong, steel welded frame
  • Non-slip rubber platform
  • Reinforced rubber feet

Step-Two White Bath Step
  • Central lifting hole so you can move the step easily
  • Strong, lightweight step has a large textured area
  • Step rests on non-slip pads for improved safety
  • Reversible design provides either 4" or 6" step

Textured Bath Seat/Step
  • 2-in-1 bath seat or step
  • Height adjustable
  • Strong suction cups for stability
  • Textured surface with drainage

White Bath Step
  • Two different height levels;
  • Rubber non slip feet;
  • Reduces height between bath and floor;
  • Handy portable design.

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Taking a bath when elderly or suffering from mobility issues can be a challenging and testing experience. For many, the distance from the floor to the edge of the bath has turned from a very manageable obstacle to an insurmountable hurdle. For others, the difference in height between the bathroom floor and the bottom of the bath causes dangerous moments of overbalancing and the occasional bathroom wobble. Thousands of people struggle with these issues on a daily basis, which are often compounded by the wet and slippery surfaces in a bathroom.

Bath steps can provide a solution to many of these problems. Height adjustable bath steps are made from layers that can be stacked to achieve the optimum height for your particular requirements. Bath steps also have a wide surface area with anti slip properties. This ensures that the surface that you are standing on provides a stable and comfortable standing surface. This enables you to enter and exit the bath using the bath step with confidence, stability and peace of mind.

Height adjustable bath steps are often recommended by carers and occupational therapists for making getting in and out of the bath a more simple exercise. Our bath steps are constructed from anti slip materials and have anti slip bases and feet to ensure they maintain a solid and static transferring surface. Many people require assistance to get into and out of the bath without a step. Bath steps are ideal for taking back your independence and allowing you to negotiate entry and exit of the bath with ease and confidence.