Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift
 Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath LiftRelaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift 
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Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift

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  • Safe and secure bath lift with a convenient design
  • Uses a flexible yet stable belt to lower and rise
  • Built-in safety mechanisms for peace of mind
  • Works without restricting bath space for others




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Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift

The Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift is a secure and convenient belt-style bath lift that offers the elderly and individuals who find it more difficult to use a bath with a supportive method of getting into and rising from the bath. The Relaxa Bath Lift features an innovative method of lowering and rising patients that is safer, more comfortable and more convenient than many other types of bath lift.

How Does the Relaxa Bath Lift Work?

The Relaxa Easy Lifting Bath Lift is operated by two control buttons, gently lowering and raising the bather into and out of the bath when the user is seated on the reinforced polypropylene seating belt. This flexible belt is firmly secured to a winding shaft within the cabinet case, and the other end is anchored to a sturdy floor fitting at the side of the bath.

The Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift can be fitted to stone, concrete or wooden floorboards. Appropriate screws must be used depending on the surface. For more information about the operation of the Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift, please see the 'How It Works' tab above.

No Mains Electricity Required

To be as practical and safe as possible in a bathroom environment, the Relaxa Bath Lift has been designed to work with a 24V DC rechargable battery pack, eliminating the need for any mains electricity supply. This enhances safety of use, allowing the belt to be controlled with the easy-to-use control buttons and monitored with red and green indicator lights.

Additional Features of the Relaxa Easy Lifting Bath Lift

  • A water thermometer with immersible probe is fitted to state the temperature of the water, avoiding the risk of scalding
  • Handheld remote control is water resistant for improved safety
  • A safety feature is built into the bathlift to prevent excessive tension if the control button is held down too long when stretching the belt across the bath
  • A Belt reversal device is also fitted to prevent the belt from rolling up in reverse
  • Micro switch prevents the bar being taken into the unit if the UP button is pressed too long
  • Stainless steel is used to fabricate the interior of the cabinet to provide improved corrosion resistance

What's Included with the Bath Lift?

  • 1 x Bathlift with Remote Control
  • 1 x Wall Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Belt Sleeve
  • 1 x Floor Anchor Bar
  • 1 x Manual (fixing and fixing screws are NOT included)
  • 1 x Battery Box
  • 1 x Charger

Technical Specifications

  • Weight unpacked: 11kg
  • Weight packed: 15.9kg
  • Maximum user weight: 15.9kg
  • Overall dimensions (LxHxD): 55.5 x 32.5 x 11.8cm (21.8 x 4.6 x 12.8")

Relaxa Belt Bath Lift
The Relaxa Bath Lift provides a secure and comfortable way of accessing and rising from the bath

Returns Policy - This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

This item is non-returnable and non-refundable on grounds of hygiene.

Please note, Health and Care is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

If you have any questions regarding this returns policy, please contact our Health and Care Customer Care Team on 020 7720 2266 for further details.

How To Use the Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift

With the battery fully charged and the temperature probe in position the bathlift can be used. The instructions below provide an overview of how the Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift should be operated:

  1. Place the battery in the hole on the left-hand side of the bathlift. Ensure it is firmly pushed into position.
  2. Press the down button and feed out the belt sufficiently for it to reach the mounting bar. When the hand held remote controller is used – either by the bather or by an assistant, the device will operate the bathlift without the need to use the control buttons on the cabinet face.
  3. To fit the belt sleeve, fold the belt as shown and slip on the sleeve.
  4. By rotating the discs the anchor bar can be located into the mounting bar itself. Turn the discs to ensure the anchor bar is positively locked in. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  5. Tension up the belt by pressing the ‘UP’ button until the belt is tight across the bath. The automatic cut out will stop the belt when it is tight.
  6. The bathlift is now ready for the bather to sit on the belt, ease their legs over the side of the bath and into the water holding on to the inbuilt grabrail for extra support.
  7. Now press the DOWN button which will slowly and gently lower the user to the bottom of the bath. You can now relax and enjoy a refreshing bath.
  8. When bathing is finished press the UP button and this will raise and return the user back to the original bath height, so that the bather can again hold on to the grabrail and place their feet over the bath edge and onto the floor.
  9. With the belt slackened, free the end secured to the floor bracket and remove the belt sleeve. By pressing the up button once more the seating belt will retract back into the cabinet, ready for future use. Leave about 75 mm (3”) of the belt outside the unit.

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This item is usually dispatched the same day for next working day delivery when ordered before 2.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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Coronavirus Update

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Extremely pleased with Relaxa Easy Lifting Belt Bath Lift
Tuesday, 17 December 2019  | 

Have been very pleased with this item, does the job, as I have problems sitting down and getting up out of bath, but didn't want to give up having a lovely warm bath. A slight hiccup with the charger lead being damaged, but all was soon resolved and a replacement one sent by return of post. Most helpful staff on phone. Cara in particular, thank you.

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