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Bath and Shower

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Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift
  • Enables you to lie down at the bottom of the bath
  • No need for any expensive bathroom alterations
  • Cushion is portable so can be taken on holiday
  • Ideal for those who suffer from limited mobility

Bathmaster Deltis Heavy Duty Reclining Bath Lift with Blue Covers
  • Has a gently contoured seat and backrest for comfort and support
  • High quality materials and construction for safety and comfort
  • Allows you to get into and out of the bath without difficulties
  • Heavy duty bath lift can hold up to 26.75 stone (170kg)

Portable Three-Panel Shower Screen
  • Hinges rotate through 90° so screen can be repositioned
  • Easy to fold and transport to different patients' houses
  • Three-Panel Shower Screen suits various layouts
  • Protects the carer and room from water damage

Portable Two-Panel Shower Screen
  • Manufactured from opaque polycarbonate for improved privacy
  • Integrated handles make moving and carrying screen easy
  • Frame has a rounded edge profile for safety and style
  • Protects the carer and the room from water damage

Invacare Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift
  • Reclining back for comfort and perfect positioning in the bath
  • Floating hand control provides easier operation
  • Allows for easy transfer during bathing
  • Folding design allows compact storage

Homecraft Ascot Combined Board and Seat System
  • Ensures correct alignment with no possibility of movement
  • Available with either standard or cut-away seat
  • Frame is adjustable for bath depth variations
  • Combines bath board with a bath seat

Homecraft Padded Bath Transfer Bench
  • Bench has plenty of room to manoeuvre during side transfer
  • Seat is divided into two sections to allow for water drainage
  • Padded seat and backrest provides comfort and support
  • Handle in bath can be used to assist with side transfers

Homecraft Aluminium Swivelling Bath Seat
  • Has side arms to enable easy transfer and provide further security
  • Available in three frame widths to suit a variety of bath sizes
  • Rotating seat locks at each 90° interval for added security
  • Holes in the seat's design help aid water drainage

Savanah Wall-Mounted Shower Seat
  • Made from materials that are durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Height adjustable legs provide additional support and stability
  • Wall-mounted seat that can be folded neatly against wall
  • Can hold a maximum weight of 25 stone (159kg)

Linido Shower Head Holder
  • Ergonomic shower head holder for standard shower heads
  • Designed for individuals with weak wrists or restricted movement
  • Easy adjustment without needing to be twisted
  • For use with Ergogrip grab rails for a safer showering environment

Homecraft White Line Suspended Bath Seat
  • Plastic seat with horseshoe front cut-out for personal cleansing
  • Available with or without a backrest for additional support
  • Supplied flat packed with tools and is easy to assemble
  • Has small holes in seat for improved water drainage

EZ Shower Bedside Bathing Bag
  • Hose is 60cm with small shower head
  • Able to hold up to 11.3 litres of water
  • Ideal for use with an inflatable basin
  • Can be used on bedridden patients

Homecraft Lightweight Suspended Bath Seat
  • No assembly or adjustment necessary; simply position seat when required
  • Made from aluminium and plastic so corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Soft caps on arms protect edge of bath and prevent seat from moving
  • Supports a maximum weight of up to 15.75 stone (or 100kg)

Savanah Slatted Shower Board
  • Has a large surface area to provide more comfort and support
  • Available in four different lengths to suit a variety of baths
  • Rubber pads and buggers prevent board from slipping
  • Ideal for the elderly or those with limited mobility

Hair Washing Tray for Use in Bed
  • Allows hair to be washed in bed by a carer or helper
  • Ideal for maintaining hygiene of bedridden patients
  • Waste water runs from spout to suitable receptacle
  • Shaped plastic tray safeguards against spillage

Etac Beauty Bathing Hair Washer
  • Uniquely shaped so you can reach your scalp without harming yourself
  • Ergonomically designed so you can wash your hair with minimal strain
  • Non-slip oval handle ensures you can keep a secure grip on washer
  • Handy substitute for fingers when you shampoo your hair

Homecraft Inflatable In-Bed Hair-Washing Basin
  • Drains easily and conveniently with one-way hose
  • Simply, sturdy PVC shampoo basin for use in bed
  • Helps keep patients clean and in good health
  • Can be deflated for storage or transportation

Waterproof Shower Thermometer with Temperature Alert
  • Protects users from risk of scalds and burns
  • Accurately detects water temperature
  • Alert activates over 41°C to warn users of risk
  • Suitable for infants through to the elderly

Foot Brush and Sponge
  • Has a plastic contoured handle for comfortable cleaning
  • Supplied with one large sponge and two small sponges
  • Useful for people with limited access to their feet
  • Ideal for cleaning the lower extremities

Homecraft Soft-Feel Bath Mat
  • Ideal for individuals who find baths uncomfortable
  • Non-latex material is ideal for those with allergies
  • Designed to provide you with additional comfort
  • Uses non-slip, waterproof foam material

Homecraft Soft-Feel Shower Mat
  • Uses waterproof foam material and no latex for allergy sufferers
  • Stylish design to suit a range of different shower cubicles
  • Designed to keep you feeling comfortable as you shower
  • Non-slip bath mat safeguards against slips in the shower

Homecraft Sure Tread Bath Mat
  • Provides you with total peace of mind
  • Allows you to stand or sit in the bath
  • Has raised ridges to prevent slips
  • Mat grips securely to your bath

Homecraft Sure Tread Shower Mat
  • Mat can be machine washed at 40°C
  • Provides additional sense of security
  • Grips securely to the shower floor
  • Has raised ridges to prevent slips

Homecraft Everyday Bath Mat
  • Available in three different sizes for adequate surface coverage
  • Grips to bath as a result of numerous suckers on underside
  • Multiple drainage holes allow water to drain quickly
  • Has a 'basket weave' surface to reduce slips

Homecraft Everyday Shower Mat
  • Multiple drainage holes allow water to drain off surface quickly
  • Has a 'basket weave' surface to reduce risk of slipping
  • Uses number suckers and high-grade rubber material
  • Suitable for sitting or standing in the shower

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