Aircast a60 ankle brace

Our Pick for Back Pain Relief and Lumbar Support
Donjoy Armor – The ULTIMATE ACL Knee Brace

Backrack Range

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Backrack Spinal Decompression Device
  • Spinal decompression device for chronic back ache
  • Ideal for people suffering from a multitude of back conditions
  • Anatomically moulded after the human spine for maximum comfort
  • Safe for use without supervision in the space of your own home

Backrack Lumbar Belt
  • Adjustable lumbar decompression belt for the lower back
  • Ideal for people suffering with lower back ache and related conditions
  • Support panels and nodules allow for decompression of lateral-facet lumbar joints
  • Stretchy top layer strap allows for additional personalised support

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