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Back Supports

Welcome to our Back Supports page. Here you will find our full range of back supports and back braces, all designed to provide superb support to the back and lumbar region. The support and compression provided by our back supports helps to provide protection from injury and relief from back pain and back discomfort .

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Thuasne BOA SI Belt Back Brace
  • Combines traditional brace design with innovative features
  • Semi-rigid support compresses and stabilises the joint
  • Available in three different sizes to fit most users
  • Ultra low-profile support for the sacroiliac joint

Thuasne Cemen Thoracic Bandage
  • Velcro closure allows you to adjust support
  • Available in four different sizes to fit you
  • Thoracic bandage for fractured ribs
  • High support from elastic fabric

Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset
  • Has sub-axillary cushioning for improved comfort
  • Back support section adapts to spinal curve
  • Effective adjustment to your morphology
  • Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset

Thuasne Sleeq AP Spinal Compression Brace
  • Low-profile sagittal (anterior-posterior) control lumbar orthosis
  • Provides compression and relief to your lower back pain
  • Provides mild stretch relief at the ribs and the hips
  • One universal, adjustable size to fit most users

Thuasne Sleeq AP+ Spinal Compression Brace
  • Provides maximum compression where you need it most
  • Enhanced-profile sagittal control lumbar-sacral orthosis
  • Remains comfortable when you're sitting and standing
  • Wings can be angled for maximum user comfort

Thuasne Sleeq APL Spinal Compression Brace
  • Fits the vast majority of patients with a single size
  • Has rigid side panels to increase lateral support
  • Ideal for those requiring additional stabilisation
  • Elegant in design with comfortable support

Thuasne Sleeq Flex Spinal Compression Brace
  • Provides kinaesthetic reminder to use your muscles to extend spine
  • Well-padded shoulder straps make donning and doffing a cinch
  • TLSO Back Brace helps with a range of different conditions
  • Uses high-quality, lightweight and breathable materials

TLSO Extension for LSO Spinal Orthosis System
  • TLSO extension for the LSO Spinal Orthosis System
  • Provides thoracolumbosacral support
  • Highly adjustable and easy to set up
  • Offers interchangeable rigid support

TLSO Spinal Orthosis System
  • Fully interchangeable thoracolumbosacral orthosis
  • Ideal for post-op immobilisation and lumbar stabilisation
  • Provides anterior, posterior, lateral and rotational control
  • Low-density design for better stability

TPN 200 Plus TENS and Harley Sacroiliac Belt for Lumbar Support Saver Pack
  • Lumbar support saver pack for pain relief and improved posture
  • TENS 200 Plus tackles the pain directly after work or before bed
  • Harley Belt can be used outside of the house to stabilise and reduce pressure
  • Use together to provide lumbar support and lumbar pain relief

Triple Strap Maternity Belt
  • Three strap design for full adjustability
  • Strong elastic ensure support and comfort
  • Reduces stress on pelvic structures
  • Expands with abdominal growth

Trochanter Belt
  • Circumferential Support;
  • Assists to ease pain of seperated symphysis;
  • Available in four size options;
  • Accessory pad also available.

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Neoprene Back Support
  • Includes 8 supportive steel springs;
  • Provides firm, even support;
  • Tailored cut for all day comfort;
  • Adjustable straps for correct fit.

Universal Clavicle Posture Support
  • Encourages correct posture by providing stabilisation
  • Velcro closures for an adjustable fit
  • Soft foam and cotton material for improved comfort
  • Available in one size to fit most adults

Ventilated Lumbar Sacro Support
  • Elastic stretch construction for great fit
  • Ventilated design increases breathability
  • Firm stays give circumferential support
  • Suitable for low back pain, post surgery and more

Venum Hybrid Soft Hip Abduction Brace
  • Features a cable pulley system for extra lumbar support
  • Ergonomic arthritic grip can be customised to your size
  • Ideal for pre- and post-operative support of the hip
  • Breathable fabric wicks away perspiration quickly

Vulkan AirXtend Back Support
  • Provides heat retention and compression to help ease back pain
  • For conditions including strains, sprains, sciatica, muscle spasms and arthritis
  • Made from specialist materials to ensure an effective recovery
  • Slimline design ideal for wearing daily under clothing

Vulkan Classic 3022 Heat Retaining Reinforced Back Support
  • Provides maximum levels of support and compression
  • Relieves symptoms of strains, sprains, arthritis and back pain
  • Offers the benefits of heat retention while promoting air flow
  • Available in one universal size that should fit most users

Vulkan Classic 3023 Universal Back Support
  • Provides light compression, support and therapeutic heat retention
  • Helps relieve symptoms of sprains, strains, arthritis and muscle pain
  • Triple-layer construction combines the benefits of heat retention and air flow
  • Supplied in a universal size that should fit most users

Vulkan Classic 3093 Heat Retaining Back Brace
  • Comfortable back brace that provides the highest levels of support
  • Uses a combination of stabilisers for shock absorption and compression
  • Delivers therapeutic benefits of heat retention while promoting air flow
  • Suitable for severe lower back pain, strains and muscle spasms

Vulkan Dynamic Tension Back Support
  • For chronic lower back pain, muscle spasms, strains, disc conditions and arthritis
  • Combines targeted compression and heat retention to quicken recovery
  • Reduces muscle tension and increases elasticity of collagen fibres
  • Unique dynamic tension strips apply additional pressure in key areas

Vulkan Elasticated Back Support
  • Ideal for lower back pain and rheumatic pain
  • Adjustable front closure for optimal support
  • Compression straps and stays in rear offer additional support
  • Available in four sizes to ensure the most accurate fit

Vulkan Support Rite
  • Thoracic support for posture training
  • Lightweight and breathable for easier wearing
  • Designed to be worn on top of a t-shirt
  • Available in five sizes for a more accurate fit

Wondermag Magnetic Back Belt
  • Effective magnetic lumbar support
  • 32 powerful integrated neodymium magnets
  • Lightly compressive medical elastic knitting
  • 8 flexible ribs for extra back support
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