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Welcome to our Back Supports page. Here you will find our full range of back supports and back braces, all designed to provide superb support to the back and lumbar region. The support and compression provided by our back supports helps to provide protection from injury and relief from back pain and back discomfort .

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Elastech Lumbar Support
  • Three-dimensional flat knit technology for even compression and a contoured fit
  • Viscoelastic gel pads help to stimulate circulation
  • Provides relief and support for a variety of conditions
  • Available in either black and blue or white and beige

Elasticated Lumbar Sacral Support
  • Suitable for lower back pain;
  • Lighthweight, ventilated mesh elastic;
  • Two touch and close fastening;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Elasticated Spinal Support
  • Suitable for Sciatica and lower back pain;
  • Mouldable shaped back;
  • Sliding buckle strap;
  • Available in 6 waist sizes.

Elcross Thoracolumbar Back Support
  • Provides compression and stabilization to the thoracic,lumbar, sacral and abdominal regions;
  • Lightweight, high-stretch laminate material lined with cotton;
  • Two posterior flexible stays;
  • Breathable fabric for increased comfort;

Enertor Energy Baselayers Unisex Top
  • Features Nilit Innergy yarn to push your limits
  • Helps transfer moisture away from the body
  • Designed with ventilated panels for comfort
  • Can be worn on its own or under clothing

Flexipanel Spinal Support
  • Suitable for a range of conditions;
  • Polythene and high compression foam;
  • Touch and close fastening;
  • Available in four sizes.

Harley Correcting Shoulder Support
  • Helps correct round shoulders
  • Relieves upper back pain
  • Sits discreetly under clothing
  • Provides gentle, flexible support

Harley Power Plus Back Support Belt
  • Ideal for heavy tasks;
  • Additional side pulls for extra support;
  • Provides compression to the lower back;
  • Removable back protection pad.

Heavy Duty Elasticated Back Support Belt
  • Elasticated belt with non-stretch rear cloth panel
  • Includes four flexible stays for enhanced support
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners provide easy and reliable application
  • Adjustable elasticated tension straps provide additional support

Hotties Black Sports Back Wrap
  • Heats up in a few minutes;
  • Hand sewn performance fabric.
  • Portable, discreet & elasticated.
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains.

Hotties Blue Back Wrap
  • Heats up in a few minutes;
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains.
  • Gives long lasting soothing comfort;
  • Hand sewn Polycotton quilted cover.

Hotties Heather Tartan Back Wrap
  • Heats up in a few minutes;
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains.
  • Gives long lasting soothing comfort;
  • Hand sewn Polycotton quilted cover.

Hotties Red Tartan Back Wrap
  • Heats up in a few minutes;
  • Ideal for easing aches and pains.
  • Gives long lasting soothing comfort;
  • Hand sewn Polycotton quilted cover.

Hyperextension Brace
  • Spine immobilisation for kyphosis and more
  • Lightweight aluminium construction for comfortable use
  • Suitable for sitting or standing
  • Swivelling sternal pads reduce pressure

Low Profile Maternity Belt
  • Low profile design for discreet use
  • Bilateral fulcrum bands for increased support
  • Inconspicuous under most clothing
  • Available in a range of sizes

LP Embio Back Support Compression Top
  • Supports the shoulders, spine and central trunk
  • Helps to correct shoulder movement patterns
  • Boosts accuracy and endurance during sports
  • Wicks away sweat for cool, comfortable exercise

LP Industrial Back Support
  • Supports the back and relieves pressure on the spine
  • Ideal for jobs that require frequent heavy lifting
  • Features 4" side pulls and criss-cross shoulder straps
  • Includes adjustable suspenders and Velcro closures

LP Lumbar Support with Stays
  • Designed to relieve aches and pains in the back
  • Suitable for relief in the lumbar or lumbosacral region
  • Features extra stays in the back for more stabilisation
  • Made with straps crossing the back and fastened in front

LP Magnetic Back Support
  • Provides support after back surgery or injury
  • Relieves chronic back pain and instability
  • Helps to eliminate excess water weight in the waist
  • Includes 50 magnets to improve blood circulation

LP Neoprene Back Support
  • Provides maximum support to the mid and lower back
  • Helps to prevent muscular atrophy without restricting movement
  • A 10" wide back panel provides extra support and postural assistance
  • Features Velcro fasteners to allow for easy compression adjustment

LP Neoprene Back Support with Stays
  • Provides maximum support to the mid and lower back
  • Supports back without restricting normal movement
  • Neoprene material retains body heat to reduce stiffness
  • Velcro closure allows for a range of adjustable compression

LP Sacro Lumbar Support
  • Designed to relieve aches and pains in the back
  • Suitable for relief in the lumbar or lumbosacral region
  • Features extra stays in the back for more stabilisation
  • Made with straps crossing the back and fastened in front

LP Waist Trimmer
  • Provides lower back support and abdominal lift
  • Helps to tone and shape waistline during exercise
  • Made with stretch nylon for comfort and compression
  • Increases perspiration to help shed unwanted inches

LSO Spinal Orthosis System
  • Fully interchangeable and heat-mouldable orthosis
  • Ideal for post-op and lumbar immobilisation
  • Provides anterior, posterior, lateral and rotational control
  • Low-density design for better stability

LumbaCurve - Back Pain Relief
  • Unique patented design for the relief of lower back pain and sciatica without drugs
  • Innovative product is simple and easy to use in the reduction of back pain and discomfort
  • Includes a user guide, acupressure identification chart, instructional DVD and a convenient carry bag
  • Endorsed by healthcare professionals and can be used alongside other manual therapies

Lumbar Brace With Sternal Extension
  • Lightweight;
  • Suitable for post-op care and immobilisation;
  • Aluminium sternal extension;
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Lumbar Sacral Support
  • Suitable for lower back conditions;
  • Spinal support;
  • Eight stays;
  • Available in 14 size options.

Magnetic Back Straightener Posture Support
  • Posture correcting, shoulder positioning support
  • Supports head and vertebrae
  • 8 Actiflux hypoallergenic magnet capsules
  • Soft and comfortable fit

Maternity Belt Standard
  • Supports both your bump and your back;
  • Reduces weight pressure on lower spine;
  • Valcro fastening for easy closure.
  • Surgical elastic.

McDavid Waist Trimmer Back Support

  • Compresses and supports;
  • Retains therapeutic heat;
  • Supports weak back;
  • Suitable for minor strains.

Medi Lumbamed Basic Back Support
  • Lumbar support system with dorsal spring ribs
  • Relieves pressure on the affected areas of the spine
  • Comfortable and easy to fit
  • suitable for lumbago, lower back pain and more

Medi Lumbamed Disc Back Support
  • Lumbar support system
  • Relieves pressure on the affected areas of the spine
  • Comfortable and easy to fit
  • Suitable for lumbago, lower back pain and more

Medi Lumbamed Plus Thermo Pad
  • Warm pad for soothing warmth in lower back
  • To be fitted into the Medi Lumbamed Plus Back Support
  • Relieves muscle tension and joint pain
  • Simple to reuse

Mueller Adjustable Back and Abdominal Support
  • Unique brace allows for one handed tightening.
  • Helps maintain a healthy posture and alignment.
  • Rigid panels help to support lower back.
  • Relief from lower back pain.

Mueller Adjustable Back Support
  • Firm support ideal for sprains and back conditions
  • Comfortable with lightweight breathable material
  • Tapered cut for both men and women
  • Broad support 9 inch high elaasticated band

Mueller Back Support With Braces
  • Helps prevent back injury when lifting
  • Adjustable removable braces for comfort
  • Easy to use versatile and lightweight
  • One size will fit most

Mueller Lumbar Back Brace With Removable Pad
  • Premium quality brace for pain relief
  • Customisable fit and adjustable compression
  • Breathable for all day comfort
  • Steel support along spine for extra support

Neo G Back Support With Stays
  • Fully adjustable back support;
  • Customisable compression;
  • Additional stays for extra support;
  • Extra side pulls for superb support.

Neo G Light Lumbostad Support/Brace
  • Breathable, slimline back support for a range of conditions
  • Helps symptoms of mild disc herniation/bulge and mild lumbago
  • Slimline design means it can easily be worn under clothes
  • Stays help provide additional support to the back

Neurotech Recovery Back Rehabilitation System
  • Aids back and abdominal muscle rehabilitation;
  • Comfortable, low profile garments;
  • NMES & TENS electrical stimulation;
  • Relieves pain & strengthens muscles.

Nhyco Cruciform Hyperextension Orthosis
  • Lightweight aluminium;
  • Plus safety lock closure;
  • Replaceable EVA padding; 
  • Spring-loaded ‘floating’ pelvic band.

Ninja Belt Spinal Orthosis
  • Easy to secure – just one strap pull
  • MRI compatible for versatile use
  • Utilises 6 x mechanical advantage for increased support
  • Suitable for chronic back pain, fractures and more

Oppo AccuTex Back Support
  • Relieves pain associated with lower back pain and sacral tilting
  • A unique H-shaped high density weave with an inner pad enhances para-spinal stability
  • Provides adequate pressure on the abdomen to improve musculature activation
  • Helps maintain the spine in its normal curve

Oppo AccuTex Lumbar Secure Back Support
  • Ideal for HIVD, spondylosis, lower back pain and muscle strain
  • Provides support for better compliance and stabilisation
  • Flexible to allow for the support to adapt to the spine for better stabilisation
  • Available in 9" and 12" height options and in a range of sizes

Oppo Back Support
  • Retains body heat for constant heat on the muscles
  • Maximises support without restricting movement
  • Crafted with three pliable stays for extra support
  • Designed in a universal size for most users

Oppo Elastic Abdominal Binder
  • Abdominal binder provides full support in the sacra region
  • Ideal for use as back support during and after pregnancy
  • Shaped to support the sacral region and symphysis pubis
  • Easy to apply and comfortable to wear

Oppo Maternity Belt
  • Breathable elastic;
  • Comes in two sizes;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Provides support to hips and back.

Oppo Post-Op Abdominal Binder Support
  • Contoured adjustable support between the waist and hips
  • Relieves strain on muscles, ligaments, and joints 
  • Suitable for post-op and post-natal abdominal constraint
  • Easy to apply for even support and rollover prevention

Oppo Rib Belt (Mens)
  • Universal size;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Distributes pressure;
  • Made of elastic and nylon.

Osteolite TLSO Spinal Support
  • Anatomically-shaped flexible aluminium stays provide support
  • Prevents forward bending and maintains the correct alignment of the spine
  • Helps reduce pain caused by motion
  • Available in four different sizes and two heights

Ottobock Dorso Osteo Care Back Support
  • Supports upright posture;
  • Promotes bone preservation;
  • Reduces risk of falling;
  • Does not restrict breathing .

Ottobock Hyperextension Orthosis Back Support
  • Reclination of spine
  • Relief of ventral vertebral bodies
  • Limits lateral flexion and rotation
  • For osteoporosis/spinal fractures

      Ottobock Lumbo TriStep Back Support
      • Systematic 3 step rehabilitation;
      • Restores muscular balance;
      • Individual adjustment;
      • For a variety of back problems.

      Pro Sport Back Support
      • Lightweight;
      • Neo-Tex material and velcro closure;
      • Maintains warmth;
      • Flexible design.

      Pro Sport Back Support Stable
      • Designed for superior support;
      • Enhanced Stability and fit;
      • Custom compression straps;
      • Easy adjustment with Velcro closures.

      ProCare Universal Clavicle Support
      • Easily adjustable construction for an improved fit
      • Comfortable foam and nylon cotton construction
      • Suitable for clavicle fractures and dislocations
      • Universal size fits a wide range of patients

      ProCare White SacroLumbar Support
      • 9" elastic support;
      • Double side pull compression straps;
      • Optional Foam Lumbar Pad;
      • Provides support and compression.

      Proform Lumbar Back Support Belt
      • Elasticated front with Velcro closures;
      • Provides excellent spinal support;
      • Designed for comfort and ultimate support;
      • Available in a range of sizes.

      Push Med Adjustable Positioning Back Brace
      • Microfibre material provides comfort and keeps skin dry
      • Provides full support to the lumbar vertebral column
      • Anatomical fit allows discreet wear under clothes
      • Adjustable pressure to meet own preference

      Rehband Active Line Back Support
      • Stabilising back support with breathable design
      • Suitable for people suffering from Lumbar pain
      • Adjustable for perfect fit
      • Available in 2 sizes to suit most users

      Rehband Basic Back Support
      • Support for back pain
      • Warms and improves circulation
      • Lightweight and comfortable
      • Available in 4 sizes

      Rehband Blue Line Back Support
      • Quality back support for chronic pain
      • Ideal for people lifting objects at work
      • Improves posture and coordination
      • Available in 5 sizes to suit most users

      Rehband Core Back Support
      • Stabilising support for lower back
      • Eases mild pain
      • Neoprene fabric retains warmth
      • Ideal for athletes - helps treat strain and overuse

      Rehband Core X-Stable Back Support
      • Stabilising lower back support
      • For severe and chronic back pain
      • Removable splints for extra support
      • Ideal for athletes recovering from injury

      Rehband Power Back Support
      • High-stability back brace with two belts
      • Ideal back brace for heavy lifters
      • Two belts provide maximum support
      • Alleviates pain to help with recovery

      Rehband QD Neoprene Back Support (3mm)
      • Neoprene back support for lightweight back stabilisation and pain relief
      • Ideal for weightlifters, powerlifters, crosstrainers and athletes
      • Compression and warmth provides pain relief and stability
      • Offers protection against minor scrapes and bruises

      Rehband Rx Original Neoprene Back Support (7mm)
      • Ergonomic neoprene back support
      • For heavy lifters and sufferers of back ache
      • Eases pressure and relieves pain
      • Improves posture and increases performance

      Rehband X Rx Lifting Belt
      • Adjustable weight lifting belt for heavy training
      • Ideal for heavy lifting and compound exercises
      • Helps achieve ideal form to avoid injury
      • Slip resistant and comfortable for long use

      Rehband X Rx Neoprene Back Support (7mm)
      • Neoprene compression back support for powerlifting
      • Ideal for weightlifters, bodybuilders and crosstrainers
      • Provides warmth and compression, increasing blood flow and recovery
      • Increases stability allowing for maximised lifting power and safety

      Rembelt (Without Fastening Belt)
      • Suitable for mild to moderate injuries
      • Versatile unisex design
      • Touch and close fastening
      • Three depth ranges and six waist size options

      Rembelt Deep Back Support
      • Unisex back support made from breathable materials
      • Suitable for a range of lower back conditions
      • Touch-and-close fastening allows easy adjusting
      • Available in three depth ranges and six waist size options

      Replacement Massage Pad for the Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Support
      • Features massage nodules to relieve discomfort
      • Excellent as a spare or replacement pad
      • Designed to massage the lower back
      • Relieves pain and tension in the area

      Rolyan Antimicrobial 2-in-1 Back Support
      • Back support combining optimal support and durability
      • Antimicrobial protection enhances levels of hygiene for extended use
      • Removable duo-tension straps and flexible stays for custom use
      • Free from latex with elastic straps for a more flexible fit

      Rolyan AquaForm Corset
      • Lightweight and comfortable back support
      • Ideal for lower back pain and related issues
      • Hook-and-loop closures for easy adjustment
      • Available with Polycushion padding for increased comfort

      Rolyan Dual Support Lumbosacral Orthosis
      • Lumbosacral orthosis supports the back and abdomen
      • Thermoplastic insert secured in place against the back
      • Elastic encircling strap for support and comfort
      • Available in a choice of sizes for the best possible fit

      Rolyan Female Universal Rib Support
      • Provides stable support to painful or injured ribs and torso
      • Features breathable elastic material for a more comfortable wear
      • Pressure-sensitive closures limit chest expansion to promote healing
      • Contours to the waist for a more effective fit

      Rolyan Male Universal Rib Support
      • Provides stable support to painful or injured ribs and torsos
      • Breathable elastic material for a more comfortable wear
      • Pressure-sensitive closures limit chest expansion to promote healing
      • One size fits most for a straightforward application

      Serola 60'' Sacroiliac Belt for Back Pain
      • Belt to support lower back
      • Treats back and sacroiliac pain and joint instability
      • Can prevent acute pain from becoming chronic
      • Ideal for rehabilitation 

      Serola Sacroiliac Belt and Biofreeze Roll-On Saver Pack
      • Ideal for sufferers of lower back pain
      • Save with the Serola and Biofreeze Pack
      • 1 x Serola Sacroiliac Belt
      • 1 x Biofreeze Roll-On

      Spinal Hyperextension Brace
      • Lightweight aluminium construction
      • Unique spring controlled floating pelvic band adjusts as patient changes position
      • Padded pelvic band, sternal and lateral pads for comfort
      • Adjustment slots on sternal and lateral components allow simple height, width and length adjustment

      Spinal Plus Thoracolumbar Brace
      • Adjustable aluminium alloy structure for correct support
      • Hook and loop closure enables easy application
      • Incredibly lightweight for comfortable use
      • Suitable for post-surgery use, degenerative disorders and more

      Spinalite Brace
      • Suitable for a range of back and spinal conditions;
      • Maximum immobilisation;
      • Washable, removable liner;
      • Available in 6 sizes.

      Standard Maternity Support
      • Gentle firm support;
      • Soft elastic for comfort;
      • Expands for various stages of pregnancy;
      • Available in four sizes.

      Standard Spinal Support
      • High quality elastic;
      • Two flexible stays;
      • Touch and close fastening;
      • Available in five waist sizes.

      Sternal Extension Kit for the Carboflex TLSO
      • Height-adjustable thoracic extension for the Carboflex TLSO/AirBack TLSO
      • Easily modified to give desired support/correction
      • Return pull over-shoulder or inferior axilla fastening options
      • MRI-compatible

      StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Back Kit
      • Provides stability and support to injured muscles and joints
      • Stretchy and breathable to allow for full range of motion
      • Pre-cut specially for back taping
      • Official kinesiology tape of IronMan Triathlon Series

      Temporary Lumbar Wrap
      • Simple but effective quality belt
      • Two flexible posterior stays
      • Lycra binding on the edges
      • Designed for all day use

      Thermoskin Elastic Back Stabiliser
      • Provides compression and support for lower back pain
      • 4 internal stays for additional support
      • Adjustable elastic side straps for extra compression
      • Lightweight breathable material

      Thermoskin Lumbar Support
      • Provides pain relief and mild compression
      • Ideal for muscle injuries and back pain
      • Trioxin heat trapping technology
      • Spine stays & power straps for superb support

      Thoraco Lumbar Support
      • Suitable for muscular injuries;
      • Highly ventilated;
      • Helps to maintain posture;
      • Available in a range of sizes.

      Thuasne BOA Duel TLSO Back Brace
      • Posture increases lumbar lordosis and resists painful spine movements
      • Restricts forward flexion and encourages hyperextension posture
      • Provides full-circumferential rigid support and compression
      • Unique prefabricated orthosis for a range of pathologies

      Thuasne BOA Low Profile 20.3cm Back Brace
      • Uses mechanical advantage pulley systems and medical-grade plastics
      • Semi-rigid support combines new technology with traditional design
      • Simple hook-and-loop closure for ease of application
      • Support is low profile for anterior-posterior control
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