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Ottobock Hyperextension Orthosis Back Support
  • Reclination of spine
  • Relief of ventral vertebral bodies
  • Limits lateral flexion and rotation
  • For osteoporosis/spinal fractures

      Ottobock Dorso Osteo Care Back Support
      • Supports upright posture;
      • Promotes bone preservation;
      • Reduces risk of falling;
      • Does not restrict breathing .

      Ottobock Dorso Direxa Posture
      • Helps straighten the thoracic spine
      • Relieves back pain and pressure
      • Easy to put on, comfortable breathable material
      • Adjustable splints and fully adjustable strapping

      Aircast Back, Hip and Rib Cryo Cuff and Automatic Cooler Saver Pack
      • Includes the Back Cryo Cuff and Automatic IC Cooler
      • Cooler provides up to eight hours of cryotherapy
      • Ideal for helping you get back on your feet
      • Helps minimise swelling and reduce pain

      Backrack Lumbar Belt
      • Adjustable lumbar decompression belt for the lower back
      • Ideal for people suffering with lower back ache and related conditions
      • Support panels and nodules allow for decompression of lateral-facet lumbar joints
      • Stretchy top layer strap allows for additional personalised support

      Platinum Thoracolumbar Back Support
      • Adjustable and discreet;
      • Thoracic, lumbar, sacral and abdominal support;
      • Suitable for osteoarthritis and mild osteoporsis;
      • Plastic stays & boning for additional support.

      Aircast Back, Hip and Rib Cryo Cuff with Cryo Cooler Saver Pack
      • Includes the Back Cryo Cuff and Cryo Cooler Unit
      • Helps reduce discomfort and swelling in the area
      • Designed using a simple, gravity-fed system
      • Provides cold therapy and compression

      Ninja Belt Spinal Orthosis
      • Easy to secure – just one strap pull
      • MRI compatible for versatile use
      • Utilises 6 x mechanical advantage for increased support
      • Suitable for chronic back pain, fractures and more

      Neo G Dorsolumbar Back Support and Kyphosis Brace
      • Dorsolumbar support for reducing kyphosis by aiding spinal alignment
      • Can be used as a pre/post-operative rehabilitation aid or for general support
      • Helps to correct rounded or slumped shoulders and poor posture
      • Made of comfortable material that fits discreetly under clothes

      Actimove Everyday Compression Lower Back Support
      • Lower back support to improve posture and relieve pain
      • Ideal for degenerative back problems and general back pain
      • Finger pockets and loops allow simple compression adjustment
      • Comfortable enough for all-day wear during any sort of activity

      LP Extreme Back Support with Stays
      • Provides maximum support to the mid and lower back
      • Supports back without restricting normal movement
      • Features pliable stays for extra support and therapeutic warmth
      • Made with innovative Coolprene material for a better recovery

      Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support
      • Deep back lumbar brace for pain relief and back support
      • Ideal for those with lower back pain, sciatica or osteoporosis
      • Uses compression to support the lower back
      • Designed to be comfortable and doesn't overheat

      Breathable Lumbar Support
      • Four strong flexible stays to prevent edge roll over
      • Simple anterior touch-and-close fastening for an easy fit
      • Dual rear elasticated fulcrums to provide additional compression and support
      • High quality ventilated elastic for breathablity and comfort

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