StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Back Kit
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StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Back Kit

  • Provides stability and support to injured muscles and joints
  • Stretchy and breathable to allow for full range of motion
  • Pre-cut specially for back taping
  • Official kinesiology tape of IronMan Triathlon Series


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In stock now

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StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Back Kit

It's common knowledge that one of the most effective ways to treat a muscle or joint injury is by applying compression to the affected area. The Strength Tape Kinesiology Tape Pre-Cut Back Kit provides an effective way to do this, while at the same time still allowing you to move, so you can get back onto the field, or into the gym, sooner. StrengthTape, the official tape of the IronMan Triathlon Series, is an elastic athletic tape that works like an external ligament to provide extra support to an injured or heavily used area, without limiting range of motion unlike most popular brands of kinesiology tape. With this pre-cut kit specially designed for back taping, the work is done for you, just apply and get on the move. 

Muscle Activation and Support

StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape works by contributing to the activation of muscles and improving the balance and sensory abilities of your body in order to stabilise your joints. Studies show that by activating and supporting certain muscle groups, StrengthTape can increase muscle activity, as well as increasing their strength and quick reaction capacity. 

Circulation and Lymphatic System

StrengthTape helps to speed up the healing process of muscle and soft tissue, and also triggers the natural painkillers in your body, while still allowing you a full range of motion. When a muscle or joint in your body is injured, it becomes difficult to move because the swelling and inflammation involved cause it to us up all its space within the skin. StrengthTape creates space for the injured muscle or joint by gently lifting the skin, allowing the injured body part better circulation, helping to cool the area, while flushing fluid and waste away. StrengthTape then supports the damaged muscle and tissue, reducing the pressure and relieving pain. 

Versatile and Effective

Whether you're a casual athlete, a marathon runner, or a professional, we all go through the same processes of recovery, and we can all use StrengthTape at one point or another. Use it to support problem areas during exercise, help muscles repair faster, or just get through the day. StrengthTape provides 24 hour relief for hundreds of injuries, including lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, shin splints, hip pain, carpal tunnel, and almost any other muscle or joint injury you can think of. 

Key Features

  • Provide stability and support to injured joints and muscles
  • Stretchy to allow for full range of motion
  • Won't come off in the water
  • Precut for back taping
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Sticks for up to 7 days
  • Official tape of IronMan Triathlon Series
  • Relieves pain 
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps to prevent injury
  • Speed up recovery process
  • Reduces inflammation

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