Sleep Soundly Pillow and Spray Bundle
Sleep Soundly Pillow and Spray BundleSleep Soundly Pillow and Spray BundleSleep Soundly Pillow and Spray Bundle
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Sleep Soundly Pillow and Spray Bundle

£50.99   (£42.49 Exc. VAT)  


In stock now  

In stock now

  • Pillow and spray to help sound sleep
  • Adjustable orthopaedic pillow supports the head
  • Spray helps to prevent snoring and keep airways clear
  • Handy bundle designed to help you sleep better

Brand:  Mediflow

Sleep Soundly Pillow and Spray Bundle

The amount and quality of sleep that you have is vital for ensuring your day-to-day health. Without sleeping well, you can feel run-down, tired, listless and also be more prone to other conditions, including depression, heart-disease and others. Our Sleep Soundly Pillow and Spray Bundle includes a Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow and a bottle of Rhynil Double Strength Stop Snoring Spray to help ensure that you get a restful night's sleep!

How Does the Mediflow Pillow Help You Sleep?

Working on a similar premise as a water bed, the Mediflow Pillow features an adjustable water base that you can alter until you find the perfect level of support for your neck. When you lay your head on the pillow, the water is displaced, meaning that (unlike some other orthopaedic pillows) you receive support that is perfectly shaped for your neck.

At Health and Care, we've offered the Mediflow Pillow for a number of years. In that time, it has garnered extremely positive reviews from our customers. One thing that a lot of users seem to mention is how well the Mediflow Pillow helps to combat neck pain and the overall improvement in quality that it brings to their sleep.

Key Information About the Mediflow Pillow

  • Designed to combat neck pain and to improve the quality of your sleep
  • Adjustable water base allows you to customise the level of support for your needs
  • Utilises hypoallergenic materials to make the pillow suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Water displacement ensures that the pillow cradles your head in the most supportive position
  • Clinically proven to improve sleep
  • Dimensions: 51 x 71cm

How Does Rhynil Double Strength Stop Snoring Spray Work?

If you are a snorer, you may not be aware of the effect that your snoring has on your sleep – snoring can disturb the sleep cycle and this can leave you feeling tired even after a seemingly full night's sleep. The Rhynil Double Strength Spray has been designed to tackle snoring and help you (and anyone trying to sleep next to you) sleep soundly.

The spray features a naturally astringent herb known as Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis), which can counteract the effect of "palatal fluttering", a major cause of snoring. While the spray may not work for everyone's snoring, Rhynil Spray has proven popular with our customers in the past with many people finding that their snoring is greatly reduced.

Key Information About Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

  • Uses natural ingredients to prevent palatal flutter
  • Designed for mid-to-strong snorers, with a stronger formula for greater efficacy
  • Approved by British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association
  • Safe for use twice daily
  • Suitable for mouth breathers, nasal stuffiness, and other sinus conditions
  • Supplied in a 35ml bottle that is suitable for 4 weeks of treatment

How Can This Bundle Help Me?

The Sleep Soundly Bundle has been designed as a holistic approach to helping you sleep better. The bundle has the dual benefit of helping to ensure that you are breathing clearly (and quietly) at night and also helping to support your neck for greater comfort. By using both products, you should be able to see a marked improvement in the quality of your sleep!

For more detailed information, please visit the product listings for the Mediflow Water Base Orthopaedic Pillow and Rhynil Double Strength Stop Snoring Spray.

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