LumbaCurve - Back Pain Relief
LumbaCurve - Back Pain ReliefLumbaCurve - Back Pain ReliefLumbaCurve - Back Pain Relief
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LumbaCurve - Back Pain Relief

  • Unique patented design for the relief of lower back pain and sciatica without drugs
  • Innovative product is simple and easy to use in the reduction of back pain and discomfort
  • Includes a user guide, acupressure identification chart, instructional DVD and a convenient carry bag
  • Endorsed by healthcare professionals and can be used alongside other manual therapies




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LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief

What is LumbaCurve?

LumbaCurve is a simple yet innovative natural cure for back pain, that can bring relief to millions of sufferers everywhere. Used by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths alike, LumbaCurve merges both Eastern and Western therapy practices to provide drug free back pain relief and mobility for a range of ailments.

It focuses on the L4/L5/S1 Spinal Segment, where most back pain occurs. The LumbaCurve provides a passive gravity assisted traction (PGAT) - it gently stretches the lower back, causing the vertebral joints to separate. This in turn, relaxes the spinal discs and frees up the spinal nerves, thus giving pain relief.

The LumbaCurve design features provide the combined benefits of shiatsu simulation, yogic stretch and acupressure massage which are all recognised techniques employed in traditional Eastern oriental medicine. The LumbaCurve is endorsed by a range of healthcare professionals.

What is LumbaCurve used for?

  • Non specific lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Sports related injuries
  • Post exercise muscle fatigue
  • Can be used in conjunction with any manual therapy, e.g. physiotherapy, chiropratic or osteopathy*
  • Can be offered to patients for palliative use between sessions*.
  • Any adults who suffer from lower back pain

Getting to know your LumbaCurve

LumbaCurve is not a no pain no gain discipline. It is very much essential that the user feels comfortable and relaxed during treatments. In common with any new product, a short adjustment period may be required before the user feels completely accustomed to the positioning. 

In the early stages of use some individuals may experience some discomfort; a pulling feeling across the hips, often associated with the release and unblocking of the problem area. If the level of discomfort is inappropriate then refrain from activity for a few minutes and attempt to repeat the procedure. Subsequent attempts should gradually become easier. If continued use brings about persistent discomfort please suspend use for 24 hours then attempt the procedure again.

If you feel that the device could be antagonising an existing back condition please return the device within the 14 day period stating your reason for return.

The activity periods listed below are a guidance only; it is essential that any LumbaCurve activity is proceeded gradually at a rate that benefits the individual; always observing the maximum periods indicated. 

How to use LumbaCurve

Whilst the device is this simple and user friendly we would recommended following the below:

Find a level area of floor space that is firm, comfortable and large enough to accommodate your full body length with arms and legs outstretched. Wear light, comfortable clothing, avoiding thick waistbands, belts or studs.

The DVD and user guide enclosed will provide further information on how to use this product.

*LumbaCurve is a dynamic care system and it is advisable you contact a General Practitioner before use. If you are also suffering from any other illnesses or conditions please consult the relevant party before use as we cannot take responsibility in the event of an accident. Refrain from use if you are pregnant or under the age of 18. 

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