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WendyLett slide sheets for patient positioning

Safehip airx fall prevention underwear

ALS Adult Manikins

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STAT Simulation Mannequin With Deluxe Airway Head
  • Advanced featured training mannequin
  • Top of the range training for medical students
  • Includes advanced intubation head
  • I.V sites, defibrilation, Cartoid pulse 17 rythms

Advanced Life Support Adult Full Body Trainer Mannequin
  • Advanced demonstration mannequin
  • Includes anatomical landmarks
  • Use with manual/auto defibrilator
  • Includes CPR resuscitation head

Advanced Life Support (Torso Only) Trainer Mannequin
  • Advanced demonstration torso
  • Includes anatomical landmarks
  • Use with manual/auto defibrilator
  • Includes CPR resuscitation head

Decontamination STAT Trainer Mannequin Large
  • Intubation head without complications
  • IM injection site on right arm
  • Durable, sturdy construction, no electricals
  • Ideal for training decontamination scenarios

Decontamination Full Body Trainer Mannequin
  • Decontamination scenario mannequin
  • Includes intubation head, IV site
  • Advanced life support treatment
  • No electricals, no ECG

Adult Airway Management Trainer Mannequin
  • Detailed anatomical features and landmarks
  • Ability to replicate swelling and vomiting
  • Excellent airway management and multitasking training
  • Ideal for medical students

Deluxe Adult Airway Management Head Trainer Mannequin
  • Trainer of choice for advanced airway management
  • Detailed and clear anatomical features displayed
  • Viewable lungs and stomach, tongue swelling
  • Ideal advanced, challenging training for medical students

Critical Airway Management Trainer Mannequin
  • Advanced airway management demonstration
  • Ideal for medical students
  • Demonstrates critical airway issues
  • Includes CPR torso and head

Adult Torso Airway Management Trainer Mannequin
  • Advanced airway trainer torso
  • Anatomical landmarks to aid training
  • Detailed airway features e.g. vocal cords
  • Accepts various airways, nasogastric tube

Trauma Head Injury Mannequin
  • High quality life-like trauma mannequin
  • Can be used in conjunction with ALS mannequin
  • Simulates several trauma situation
  • Oral, nasal airways for intubation

Full Adult Body CPR Resuscitation/Trauma Mannequin
  • Realistic full body CPR mannequin
  • Replicates a wide variety of trauma conditions
  • Essential training for medical students
  • Can be modified with trauma options for added realism

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