Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Ankle and Foot Orthosis
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Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Ankle and Foot Orthosis

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  • Shoe insole with calf cuff orthosis to help extend wearer's knee
  • Helps those with dorsiflexion weakness walk more naturally
  • Also supports active patients with knee extension
  • Lightweight, low profile and durable
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Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Ankle and Foot Orthosis

If you suffer from dorsiflexion weakness or foot drop, it can be difficult to walk naturally. This in turn can lead to discomfort and additional foot and lower leg problems.

There are many walking aids available on the market, however these are often clunky and uncomfortable to wear, or too flimsy to provide sufficient support.

The Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Ankle and Foot Orthosis is a great walking aid designed to help users with dorsiflexion weakness walk more naturally. The walking aid is lightweight and low profile, without compromising on toughness and functionality. Simply place the orthosis inside your shoe like an insole and you're ready to go.

Discomfort-Free Walking

Like other Ottobock WalkOn aids, the Reaction Plus Orthosis is fabricated from a prepreg advanced carbon composite, for ultimate strength and durability.

The WalkOn Reaction Plus features an anterior-placed calf cuff and longer strut, which works in conjunction with ground reaction forces to help extend the wearer's knee.This makes the WalkOn Reaction Plus a great solution for active patients who have a slight knee extension impairment, as well as for those suffering from foot drop.

Enjoy discomfort-free walking and get more out of your day with the handy Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Orthosis!

Features of the Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus

  • Lightweight and low profile - for discreet, comfortable wear
  • Extremely tough - long-lasting support
  • Prepreg advanced carbon composite construction - durable
  • Anterior-placed calf cuff and longer strutt - helps extend user's knee
  • Available in a range of sizes, with a choice of left or right foot

Sizing Guide

Size EU Shoe Size UK Shoe Size Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 36 - 39 3.5 - 5.5 13.8" 35cm
Medium 39 - 42 5.5 - 8 14.2" 36cm
Large 42 - 45 8 - 10.5 14.8" 37.5cm
Extra Large 45 - 48 10.5 - 13 15.4" 39cm

How Is the Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Different from the Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus?

Both the WalkOn Reaction and the WalkOn Reaction Plus are provide highly functional support, and are suitable for low ankle stability. However, the WalkOn Reaction Plus features a stiffer strut for those with non-functional plantar flexors, as well as several other alterations. Please consult the table below for a side-by-side comparison of the two models.

WalkOn Reaction WalkOn Reaction Plus
  • Strong support for the gait cycle
  • Mild weakness of the knee extensors (fatigue)
  • Valgus-varus instability of the knee
  • High energy return
  • Low ankle stability
  • Mild weakness of the knee extensors
  • Stiffer strut for those with non-functional plantar flexors
  • Stronger support for knee extension
  • Higher energy return in forefoot area
  • Very low ankle stability
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Nice bit of kit
Monday, 18 July 2016  | 

I've only had the WalkOn support/brace for 5 days but it's honestly the best investment I could have made in my long term health.

I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy - mainly affecting my left lower leg. Following a procedure to lengthen the Achilles tendon, a plaster-cast was put in place while the damaged tissue healed.

Unfortunately the already weak muscles atrophied and never recovered - various doctors have stated that the condition will not improve. Importantly to me the assistance offered by my NHS trust was that braces & callipers were old school and as such weren't offered as a fix anymore. I was offered an orthotic insert. (This tough, painful, piece of plastic inserted into a shoe was not my idea of a fix).

I can see why it's not always advised, the use of a leg brace, as it no doubt can weaken muscles but I believe in my situation there is nothing to lose.

No plastic insert inside my shoe is going to cure an ankle which is easily fatigued and gradually gives way to the point where bones are fractured down the outer edge taking the impact of walking.

This WalkOn brace is working a charm.. it almost feels like i have a teenage swagger back in my gait.. as you can probably tell i'm really pleased with it and planning to buy a spare and perhaps another to cut down to a smaller size for trainers.

I've been wearing the brace with a couple of different pairs of boots. I tried my favourites - Magnum Cobras which have a great memory foam insole, I transferred these to some cheap Lee Cooper safety shoes (ankle trainer boots) which are slightly more flexible.

Would recommend something that has laces as close to the tip of your shoe as possible to account for how much wider the shoe will become (It's about half an inch wider than my right shoe with the brace on).

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