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Drawing on decades of research and development, Auris Magnetic has engineered a wide range of effective products for administering magnet therapy to aid the body in all sorts of ways. Browse our full range of therapeutic Auris Magnetic Products here at Health and Care, with a variety of innovative hand-held magnets and energy boxes available for purchase.

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Auris Magnetic 12200 Gauss Magnet Therapy Box
  • Case of extremely powerful neodymium therapy magnets
  • Ideal for intense restoration of energy and balance
  • Includes a leather support strap for direct application
  • Suitable for extremities, i.e. hands and feet

Auris Magnetic 6500 Gauss Magnet Therapy Box
  • Case of two powerful neodymium therapy magnets
  • Ideal for restoring energy and balance
  • Helps relieve episodes of anxiety and stress
  • Rating of 6500 gauss for intense rebalance

Actiform Magnetic Memory Foam Leg Raiser Cushion
  • Leg raising cushion containing 36 powerful magnets
  • Ideal for relieving swollen, tired and painful legs
  • Provides natural pain relief and blood circulation boost
  • Soft memory foam dynamically moulds to suit your leg shape

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Back Support
  • Effective magnetic lumbar support
  • Ideal for relief from congestion, bad back and more
  • Includes 32 powerful integrated neodymium magnets
  • Includes 8 flexible ribs for extra back support

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Shoulder Support
  • Magnetic therapy shoulder support
  • Ideal for injury, wear and tear or inflammation
  • Includes 16 pre-positioned powerful neodymium magnets
  • Natural pain relief for those seeking drug-free recovery

Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Ring Cushion
  • Comfortable memory foam cushion for magnet therapy
  • Ideal for pelvic and lumbar pain relief
  • Offers a powerful magnetic field for pain relief
  • Machine washable cover for ease of use

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Knee Support
  • Slip-on tubular knee support imbued with magnets
  • Ideal for natural, drug-free relief from sprains, strains and more
  • Strategically fitted with 18 powerful therapy magnets
  • Silicone knee cap and patella ring add comfort and support

Wondermag Trapezius Magnetic Upper Back Support
  • Magnetic upper back support for shoulder blades
  • Ideal for relief of tension headaches and trapezian contractures
  • Includes 12 hypoallergenic neodymium magnets
  • Remains comfortable in any situation, no matter what

Medimag Quattro Therapeutic Magnets (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of two powerful therapeutic magnet devices
  • Ideal for relief from pain, tension and increasing blood circulation
  • Four powerful magnets enclosed in a single patch for optimal power
  • Double sided adhesive included for precise placement

Auris Magnetic Wondermag Carpal Tunnel Glove
  • Magnetic carpal tunnel support
  • Helps relieve pain from CTS, arthritis and muscle strain
  • Includes 14 powerful integrated therapy magnets
  • Places wrist and hand in magnetic field for recovery

Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Cervical Neck Cushion
  • Soft neck cushion with embedded magnets
  • Ideal for soothing pain relief from sore necks
  • Great for comfort as you travel by train or plane
  • Available in a choice of white or grey

Auris Lomboflex Horizontal Magnetic Back Support
  • Horizontal fitting magnetic back support
  • Ideal for those who suffer from chronic lower back pain
  • Ten integrated powerful magnets for soothing relief
  • Material is soft and comfortable against the skin

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Hand Support
  • Magnetic hand support for painful wrists and hands
  • Ideal for recovery from tendonitis, arthritis and rheumatism
  • Includes 16 integrated neodymium magnets for powerful therapy
  • Bi-component highly breathable knitting for your comfort

Auris Magnetic 3800 Gauss Magnet Therapy Box
  • Box of two powerful ferrite therapy magnets
  • Ideal for restoring energy and balance
  • Helpful for relieving anxiety and stress
  • Easy to maintain and care for

Wondermag Magnetic Vibration Damper Ankle Clip
  • Compact magnet ankle clip for sore and tired ankles
  • Ideal for relieving pressure and strain on painful ankle
  • Imbued with four powerful therapeutic magnets for your recovery
  • Adjustable size adapts to all ankle morphologies

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Headband
  • Magnetic headband for natural pain relief
  • Ideal relief from migraines, headaches and more
  • Includes six pre-positioned magnets for targeted therapy
  • Self-fitting band for optimal fit and pressure

Medimag Titanium 11mm and 15mm Spot Therapeutic Magnets
  • Pack of 12 stick-on therapeutic magnets
  • Ideal for relieving joint and muscular pain
  • Magnets sized from 11mm to 15mm diameter
  • Includes 30 adhesive plasters for application and removal

Auris Lomboflex Vertical Magnetic Back Support
  • Vertical fitting magnetic back support
  • Ideal for providing relief from sciatica, back pain and more
  • Eight integrated therapy magnets with 12,200 Gauss
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin

Medimag Gold Needle-Free Acupuncture Therapeutic Magnets
  • Pack of 10 neodymium magnets for needle-free acupuncture
  • Ideal for relief from a wide range of discomforts and conditions
  • Round edged patches give comfortable all-day wear
  • Includes 30 non-woven hypoallergenic adhesive backings

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Elbow Support
  • Magnetic elbow support for tendonitis
  • Ideal for elbow strains, sprains and tendonitis
  • Includes 4 powerful integrated therapeutic magnets
  • Soft and breathable pain relief with full freedom of motion

Auris Wondermag Magnet Therapy Ankle Support
  • Unilateral magnet therapy ankle support
  • Ideal relief from strains, sprains, muscular tension and more
  • Includes 4 powerful integrated therapy magnets for targeted relief
  • Highly breathable fabric enhances comfort

Medimag Titanium 11mm Spot Therapeutic Magnets
  • Set of 12 magnets for magnet therapy
  • Ideal for relieving pain and tension in the body
  • Compact 11mm diameter ideal for fingers and toes
  • Includes 30 adhesive plasters for application

Actiform Memory Foam Magnetic Seat Cushion
  • Soft memory foam cushion for magnet therapy
  • Ideal for relief from lumbar pain as you work or travel
  • Includes 12 integrated magnets for powerful magnetic treatment
  • Memory foam dynamically moulds according to body heat

Actiform Magnetic Memory Foam Headrest Cushion
  • Headrest cushion with eight enclosed magnets
  • Ideal for encouraging relaxation and a healthier sleep
  • Soft memory foam construction moulds to suit your neck
  • Pre-positioned magnets provide effective relief

Pediflux Memory Foam Magnet Therapy Insoles
  • Pair of shock-absorbing magnetic insoles
  • Ideal for maintaining energy balance and healthy feet
  • Memory foam moulds to the shape of your feet
  • Available in two sizes that can be trimmed to fit

Wondermag Magnetic Vibration Damper Elbow Clip
  • Shock absorbing magnetic elbow support
  • Ideal for natural pain relief during sport activities
  • Neoprene foam core increases warmth and blood circulation
  • Two powerful integrated neodymium magnets

Wondermag Magnetic Vibration Damper Knee Clip
  • Shock-absorbing magnetic knee support for treating knee pain
  • Ideal for providing support during sport activities
  • Two integrated neodymium magnets for powerful magnet therapy
  • Compact and discreet, perfect for wear under clothing

Spare Cover for the Actiform Magnetic Leg Raiser
  • Spare cover for the Actiform Leg Raiser Cushion
  • Ideal for maintaining your Actiform Cushion
  • Machine washable to 60 degrees for optimal care
  • Available in luxurious white or grey

Auris Blue Gel Magnet Therapy Insoles
  • Polyurethane gel and magnet infused insoles
  • Ideal for absorbing shock and alleviating sore feet
  • Contains one neodymium magnets per sole for pain relief
  • Thickness of 2mm for ease of application, can be trimmed too

Spare Cover for Actiform Magnetic Ring Cushion
  • Grey cover for the Actiform Magnetic Ring Cushion
  • Ideal for keeping your magnetic cushion clean and protected
  • Attractive grey colour for coordinating with your aesthetic
  • Washable at 60 degrees for ease of use

Medimag Transparent Plasters for 25mm Magnets (40 Pack)
  • Pack of 40 transparent plasters for magnet therapy
  • Designed for use with 25mm diameter magnets
  • Hold remains firm even in the shower or underwater
  • Made from 50 micron polyurethane adhesive

Medimag Transparent Plasters for 11mm and 15mm Magnets (40 Pack)
  • Pack of 40 transparent plasters for magnet therapy
  • Designed for use with 11mm and 15mm diameter magnets
  • Hold remains firm even in the shower or underwater
  • Made from 50 micron polyurethane adhesive

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