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Adjustable Finger Splints

Our range of Adjustable Finger Splints provide a more custom fit for your finger to ensure optimal support while your injury heals. This improves comfort, ideal for conditions that require a splint for extended periods. At Health and Care, we offer free UK delivery on all orders.

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Finger Immobilisation Splint Glove
  • Hook and strap closure 
  • Malleable aluminium stays 
  • Independent finger splints;
  • Immobilises hand & finger joints.

Aluminium Padded Splints
  • Comfortable padded splints
  • Made with closed-cell, non-allergenic foam
  • Malleable design that can be easily cut with heavy-duty scissors
  • Supplied in a pack of 12 splints

Joint Jack Finger Splint
  • Helps to correct PIP finger flexion contractures
  • Pressure is easily adjustable with the turn of a screw
  • Felt pad and adjustable cotton strap for comfort
  • Available in five sizes to suit most users

Replacement Stax Finger Splint (Pack of 12)
  • Additional or replacement splints for the Stax Finger Splint Kit
  • Available in eight different sizes
  • Normally worn without padding and fixed with a strap (sold separately)
  • Supplied in a pack of 12

Rolyan PIP/DIP Finger Flexion Strap (Pack of 6)
  • Holds the PIP and DIP joints in flexion with constant force
  • Fully adjustable for comfort and increased ROM
  • Latex free for reduced irritation
  • Supplied in a pack of six

Cambridge Single Finger Splint
  • Finger splint for PIP joints
  • Allows movement for DIP joint
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in 5 different sizes

3PP Final Flexion Wrap (Pack of 5)
  • Helps restore PIP and DIP joint flexion following injury
  • Static force is easily adjustable by the patient
  • Washable and reusable
  • Supplied in a pack of five wraps

Rolyan Buddy Straps (Pack of 5)
  • Holds two fingers securely together without bulky strapping
  • Fingers remain separated by a piece of soft strapping material
  • Can be trimmed easily to accommodate any finger size
  • Supplied in a pack of five straps 

RockTape RockWrap Rigid Tape
  • Add stability, strength, support or immobilisation to any area
  • EasyRip, so no scissors needed
  • Super sticky and non-latex
  • Available in 1.25cm (split), 2.5cm and 3.8cm sizes

Rolyan Mini Spring Wire Safety Pin
  • Extends only the PIP or DIP joint
  • Felt padding for additional comfort
  • Variable strap allows adjustment
  • Latex free for reduced irritation

Digitec Finger Splint
  • Rigid nylon shell for stabilisation and support
  • EVA foam lined for comfort in use
  • Adjustable lateral straps for an optimal fit
  • Ideal for immobilisation of acute injuries

Neo G Easy-Fit Finger Splint
  • Effective finger splint for strains, sprains, broken fingers and more
  • Malleable material can be shaped to give optimum protection
  • Soft innner cushion means it's comfortable for everyday use
  • Easy to fit, without the need for tape and comes in a range of splint lengths

Whitechapel Finger Splint
  • Buddy finger splint that tapes two fingers together
  • Ideal for sprains, strains, arthritic conditions and fractures
  • Ideal for soft tissue injury
  • Provides great support to the PIP joint

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