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Manufacturing a wide range of medical grade orthopaedic braces and supports, Actimove are a brand to trust for your recovery. Offering protection, compression and immobilisation, you can be sure these products will provide the support you need. For more information or a recommendation from the product experts in our Customer Care Team, get in touch over the phone at 020 7720 2266 or email us at helpdesk@healthandcare.co.uk.

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Actimove Gauntlet Thumb and Wrist Brace
  • Soft neoprene thumb cover
  • Encourages blood circulation
  • Excellent support and position for the wrist
  • Anatomically shaped contour

Actimove Umerus Comfort Shoulder Immobiliser
  • Limits shoulder and arm movement;
  • Following shoulder surgery, fractures and soft tissue damage;
  • Adjustable neck and waist strap;
  • Cushioned neck band.

Actimove Manus Eco Wrist Brace
  • Comfortable and supportive wrist brace
  • No MCP joint constriction
  • High coverage of the hand
  • Pre-shaped and removable stay

Actimove Umerus Economy Shoulder Immobiliser
  • Limits shoulder and arm movement;
  • Following shoulder surgery, fractures and soft tissue damage;
  • Cushioned neck band;
  • Lightweight support.

Actimove GenuFast Knitted Knee Support
  • Knee sprains and strains;
  • High quality elastic material;
  • Medial and lateral stays;
  • Breathable.

Actimove TaloWrap Ankle Support
  • High quality, elastic material;
  • Breathable;
  • Focussed support and compression;
  • Aids treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Actimove Episport Epicondylitis Brace
  • Reduces discomfort and pain;
  • Aids tennis/golfer's elbow;
  • Soft, non-slip liner;
  • Adjustable compression.

Actimove LombaCare Back Support
  • Reduce pain in the lumbar region;
  • Helps maintain posture;
  • Supports dorsal musculature;
  • Four dorsal stays.

Actimove ManuWrap Wrist Support
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and prevention of injury
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Easy application for a convenient product
  • Focussed compression for faster healing

Actimove Talocast Air Functional Ankle Splint
  • Pre-filled air cell cushioning;
  • Semi-rigid, lightweight shells;
  • Low-profile, anatomically shaped;
  • Easily adjusted.

Actimove Talocast Ankle Splint
  • Stirrup styled ankle brace;
  • Soft, lightweight and breathable;
  • Exterior heel width adjustment;
  • No plantar or dorsi-flexion restriction.

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items