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Actimove Ankle Supports

Actimove Ankle Supports are designed to provide compression and support, helping to relieve pain and help you along on the road to recovery. Whether running a marathon, recovering from an injury, overcoming daily arthritis or movement pain-related challenges, Actimove can be relied upon to help manage pain and provide the support you need.

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Actimove Arthritis Care Compression Ankle Support
  • Ankle support to provide therapeutic warmth and compression
  • Ideal for arthritis, stiffness and chronic ankle pain
  • Unique ceramic fibres deliver soothing heat to the ankle
  • Ambidextrous for use on either the left or right ankle

Actimove Everyday Compression Ankle Support
  • Compression ankle brace to relieve pain and swelling
  • Ideal for repetitive strain injuries, swelling and chronic pain
  • Can be used during almost any activity for pain relief
  • Ambidextrous for comfort when worn on left or right ankle

Actimove KIDS Ankle Support for Children
  • Ankle support for kids to provide relief from pain and swelling
  • Ideal for swelling, mild sprains, weak ankles and acute injuries
  • Provides compression and warmth that work together to relieve pain
  • Available in two sizes to suit children aged 6 to 15

Actimove Talocast Air Functional Ankle Splint
  • Pre-filled air cell cushioning;
  • Semi-rigid, lightweight shells;
  • Low-profile, anatomically shaped;
  • Easily adjusted.

Actimove Talocast Ankle Splint
  • Stirrup styled ankle brace;
  • Soft, lightweight and breathable;
  • Exterior heel width adjustment;
  • No plantar or dorsi-flexion restriction.

Actimove TaloWrap Ankle Support
  • High quality, elastic material;
  • Breathable;
  • Focussed support and compression;
  • Aids treatment of inflammatory conditions.

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