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3PP Wrist Supports

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3PP Long ThumSling
  • Soft support ideal for CMC joint arthritis, tendinitis and overuse injuries
  • Supports thumb and wraps around wrist for control
  • Conforms to hand to maintain full functionality
  • Soft and breathable latex-free material for improved comfort

3PP ThumSpica Plus
  • Breathable soft splint for reducing thumb and wrist pain
  • Ideal for conditions including arthritis and De Quervain's syndrome
  • Suitable for occasional use following operation or ligament injuries 
  • Insert can be moulded for a more custom fit

3PP ThumSling
  • Designed for maximum comformity in the palm
  • Prevents gaping across the palmar arch
  • Ideal for CMC joint arthritis pain
  • Free from latex with a choice of sizes for optimal use

3PP ThumDuction Strap
  • Controls mild to moderate hypertonicity or spasticity
  • Positions the thumb for weakness caused by stroke or paralysis
  • Two-part design for positioning the thumb away from the palm for tone control
  • Breathable material resists slipping and provides gentle control

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items