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3B Scientific Anatomy Sale

For this month only, we're selling all of our 3B Scientific Anatomy models with a special discount! With this one-off, August only deal, you can buy any 3B Scientific Model and get:

  • 10% Off!
  • Free access to 3B Scientific's brand new Anatomy Programme which includes:
    • 11 x 3B Smart Anatomy Courses
    • 23 x 3B Lectures
    • 117 x 3B Virtual Interactive Models
    • 39 x 3B Quizzes
    • Free Warranty Extension From 3 to 5 Years!

3B have been developing their "Virtual meets Reality" programme for a while, and it will prove to be a must have for all medical students. Get your anatomical model now with money off and access to a world of medical training tools. Available now on all 3B Scientific Body Part Models, 3B Scientific Bone Replicas, 3B Scientific Skeletons and 3B Scientific Torso Models.