Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe

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Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe

  (146 Reviews)
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Released 09/09/2017  

  • A natural salt respiratory aid to help you breathe more easily
  • Ideal for sufferers of asthma attacks, allergies and other conditions
  • Works on the same principle as a Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Featured on ITV This Morning, recommended by Dr Chris Steele

Brand:  Salitair

Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe

The Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe is a natural respiratory aid and is designed to make breathing easier, making it suitable for a number of different conditions.

The Salitair Salt Pipe kit is supplied complete with everything you need to use the Salitair straight away:

  • Salitair Salt Pipe
  • Salitair Salt Refill
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Salitair Salt Pipe Protective Cap

Features and Benefits of the Salitair Salt therapy Salt Pipe

The Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe provides an easy, safe and natural way of benefiting from salt mine therapy at home. Working in a similar fashion to a Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Salitair provides you with relief from a number of different conditions. Because of the natural benefits of using salt, the side effects of using a salt inhaler are extremely minor to the point of non-existence. The Salitair is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, asthma (including asthma attacks) and other respiratory system disorders. Just take a look at our customer reviews (below) to see what our customers are saying about the Salitair.

The Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe has been designed with a refillable salt chamber, the Salitair can be emptied for a complete and thorough clean of the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene. The salt inside can also be topped up or completely refilled with replacement salt. This will keep your Salitair fresh and working at its best. The Salitair comes complete with 220g of natural halite salt crystals, suitable for between 3 and 4 refills.

Salitair Is Easy To Clean A close up of the Salitair Salt Pipe. Salitair Salt Pipes are supplied complete with salt for immediate use.

As Seen On ITV's "This Morning" - Recommended By Doctor Chris Steele

The Salitair has fans all over the world, including from celebrity doctor Chris Steele from ITV's "This Morning". The 100% natural design has been proven to be effective and without bad consequences.


The Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe can help with the following conditions:

  • Asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis
  • Pollen allergies or other allergies of the respiratory tract
  • Whooping-cough, hay fever, and colds
  • Snoring
  • Respiratory problems caused by smoking

A few minutes of regular daily use:

  • Helps you breathe more easily
  • Assists rehabilitation and medical treatment
  • Helps to cleanse the respiratory system

Clinical Tests prove the effects of Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe:

  • Gives significant improvements in Forced Expiratory Volume during the first second
  • Mucus becomes thinner thus easier expectoration
  • Night suffocation and coughing is reduced or prevented completely
  • Easier breathing

How Does the Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe Work?

When using the Salitair, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron sized particles of the salt, then penetrates into your respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects. The sodium content of the active ingredient induces natural self-cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the air passages.

See the Salitair for Yourself

Want a closer look at the Salitair Salt Therapy Pipe? Watch our video below!

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This item is non-returnable and non-refundable on grounds of hygiene.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I use Salitair?

A) Salitair can be comfortably held in the hand, insert the pipe into your mouth and inhale through your mouth. You do not need to inhale more deeply than during normal breathing. You should then exhale through the nose as this ensures that the complete respiratory tract is thoroughly cleansed and prevents any moisture from your breath going back into the pipe. You may experience increased expectoration (spitting) after use of Salitair that shows the effectiveness of the device as it cleans the respiratory tract. Salitair should be used continuously for 15 minutes daily.

Q) Is Salitair suitable for children?

A Salitair can be used by a person of any age so long as they are able to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

Q) Can I still take my current medication?

A) As Salitair contains only natural ingredients, there are no side effects and it can be used alongside any current medication.

Q) Will Salitair affect my blood pressure?

A) No, the amount of sodium that enters the body is very low and will not affect blood pressure. Most of it is expelled through the nose.

Q) How do I clean and store Salitair?

A) It is important not to store Salitair in places of high humidity such as in the bathroom, and it should not come into contact with water. Salitair has been uniquely designed to allow you to periodically replace or refill the salt chamber enabling you to empty and clean the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene. Replacement packs of salt can be purchased from Health and Care or in selected pharmacies

Instructions for use of the Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe

  • The Salitiair device is empty when purchased; before use rinse the device in warm water and dry it thoroughly
  • Only fill it with the salt crystals provided when the device is completely dry, to do so detach the mouthpiece and upper parts and fill the container with a third of the salt crystals form the refill bottle included in the set. Reassemble the device and it is then ready for use.
  • To use the Salitiair, breathe normally when using the device. Place the mouthpiece between your lips and draw air gently through your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • The recommended duration of usage is 15 - 25 minutes a day
  • It is recommended that you change the salt crystals once a month
  • The Salitair can be cleaned using a damp cloth is needed and should be stored in a cool dry place away from strong lights and odours

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating (146 Reviews):  
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salitair salt pipe
Monday, 26 September 2016  | 

only used for 8 days,easy to use and so far symptoms appear to be easing.

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8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

salt pipe
Sunday, 22 May 2016  | 

speedy safe delivery as described

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

8 of 8 people found this review helpful.

Thursday, 10 December 2015  | 


Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

20 of 20 people found this review helpful.

Salitair Salt Pipe
Saturday, 28 November 2015  | 

Good value and it works

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

12 of 12 people found this review helpful.

Plastic Surgery Help
Monday, 18 May 2015  | 

I originally purchased a Salt pipe for my Asthma and this has greatly improved with usage.
I also found it a great help after having plastic surgery on my nose.
It really helped with my breathing and cleansing of the inner nose.
So for people contemplating RHINOPLASTY - use before and after ( after consulting your plastic surgeon )
And I'm sure it will help you - it certainly helped me!!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

41 of 43 people found this review helpful.

Salt pipe
Sunday, 29 March 2015  | 

I find the Salt Therapy Salt Pipe very good. I use it regularly and it has helped me. I have had a cough for a long time and I find I do not cough so much since using the pipe.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

37 of 38 people found this review helpful.

salitare salt pipe
Saturday, 21 March 2015  | 

This is brilliant icant stop talking about it it's working wonders for my copd it's thinned my mucus it moves easier also it's been cleaner colour told all my freinds how good this is

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

51 of 52 people found this review helpful.

Salt pipe
Thursday, 5 March 2015  | 

Have seen a definite improvement to my husband,after only 1 week.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

38 of 38 people found this review helpful.

Salt Pipe relief
Tuesday, 24 February 2015  | 

I am very pleased with the results from using my salt pipe in such a short time and my catarrh and cough has been improved tremendously.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

37 of 38 people found this review helpful.

Sunday, 29 December 2013  | 

its working well thankyou

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

42 of 43 people found this review helpful.

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