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Vype eTank: A Beginner’s Guide

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Vype eTank is designed to give you the most control over your vaping experience as possible. Because it uses a refillable eLiquid tank rather than caps or tips, it gives you total control over the flavour and strength of your e-cigarette.

How It Works

The Vype eTank works just like most other e-cigarettes. There are three main components to the Vype eTank which allow it to work: the battery, the heating element and the eLiquid. The battery powers the heating element, which turns the eLiquid into vapour.

The eTank

The Vype eTank is divided into 2 parts: the clearomiser and the battery. The clearomiser holds the eLiquid and the heating element. It features handy measurements on the side so you know when you’re running out and need to refill.

To refill the clearomiser with eLiquid, unscrew the mouthpiece and gently pour the eLiquid from the bottle around the edge of the inside of the eTank until it reaches the 2ml line on the side. Screw the mouthpiece back on and wait 10 minutes for the eLiquid to settle.

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To keep your Vype eTank’s performance as high as possible, you should replace the clearomiser every 2-4 weeks depending on use.

The second part of the Vype eTank is the battery, which connects to the bottom of the clearomiser and powers the heating element. This can easily be charged with the included USB charger.

The eLiquid

Because the Vype eTank uses refillable fluid rather than disposable caps or tips, you can customise the strength and flavour combinations. This means that you can get the exact flavour you want from your eTank. 

Each different flavour of eLiquid comes in an easy to use bottle, with a soft spot on the side to allow for easy squeezing without having to worry about excess liquid pouring out. Each flavour also comes in several different strengths to suit your tastes and preferences.

The flavours of the eTank eLiquid are:

  • Blended Tobacco – Smooth, toasted tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco – Smooth golden tobacco with a sweet caramel hint
  • Crisp Mint – A refreshing mint flavour
  • Dark Cherry – Deep but light dark cherry and red fruit
  • Infused Vanilla – Sweet and creamy vanilla and caramel
  • Fresh Apple – Zesty green apple and mint leaves
  • Oriental Spice – Spice blend with nut and caramel undertones
  • Rich Aniseed – Aniseed with floral undertones
  • Vpure – a neutral liquid with no flavour

And because it’s a liquid refill, you can combine any of these flavours to get the taste sensation you love.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Vype eTank, head on over to Health and Care and check out the Vype eTank Starter Kit.

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