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Perspi Guard Max Strength Antiperspirant - How Does It Work?

Monday, 2 April 2012  | 

Excess sweating is also known as Hyperhidrosis and it generally affects specific parts of the body such as the armpits, feet, hands and groin. These areas are most commonly affected by excess perspiration due to the higher concentration of sweat glands. Many people who suffer with Hyperhidrosis find that regular deodorants and antiperspirants do not provide the necessary protection from wetness and odour. Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment has been designed specifically for people who suffer from excessive sweating.

Perspi Guard is a maximum strength antiperspirant system which has been clinically proven to control excessive sweating. Perspi controls the problem of excess perspiration at the source by preventing the moisture reaching the skin’s surface. The unique formula was developed by Doctors and Pharmacologists after 10 years of research. It is estimated that 40% of the world’s population suffer with Hyperhidrosis.

The Perspi Guard is so effective in controlling excess sweating it only needs to be applied once or twice a week. From just one application it can provide 5 days of complete protection from sweating and odour, even after showering. Perspi Guard Antiperspirant is safe to use on all skin types and can be used on certain affected body areas such as underarms, feet, hand and torso.

Apply the Perspi Guard to the affected areas last things at night before you go to bed onto clean, dry skin. As Perspi Guard is not affected by washing there is no need to reapply the treatment for another 5 days. In the morning wash as normal, an unscented body spray can be used if desired.

If you do not suffer from Hyperhidrosis, Perspi Guard is mild enough to be used by non-sufferers. Perspi Guard is ideal for long events such as parties and weddings and also for situations where perspiration is at its highest including interviews and presentations.

As seen in the Daily Express, buy Perspi Guard Antiperspirant from Health and Care.co.uk.


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