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How To Stop Your Shoes Wearing Down On One Side

1 CommentMonday, 17 March 2014  | 

Everyone has very unique feet and many factors contribute to the manner in which we walk. The rate and way in which our shoes wear down is affected by many variants from body alignment and bio mechanical stresses to the kind of shows we choose to wear. A very common problem for many people is having their shoes wear down on one side of their foot and this can be corrected.

The Pedag Correct Heel Pads are well cushioned heel pads that provide a soft, pleasant walking experience.  These heel pads will correct your walking posture and therefore level out your heels to reduce the pressure which causes the shoes to wear down. This can also be a simple solution to bow legs or knock-knees. The pads are made from genuine leather with a self-adhesive underside to keep them in place in your shoes.

Visit us at www.healthandcare.co.uk to purchase your own pair of Pedag Correct Heel Pads with free delivery. Buy any 3 Pedag Products and get the cheapest FREE!

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