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Do you wish your neighbours would just shut up?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013  | 

Walls are made so thin these days aren’t they? It’s one ofthe most overlooked aspects of building design in my opinion and one that canaffect ones quality of life more significantly than most people (at least inthe construction industry) realise.

Where I live, in one of Thatcher’s gated communities in amid-terrace, the walls to my neighbour’s houses might as well be made ofcardboard for all their sound absorbing properties. Anything from a microwavedinging to a spoon tinkering around in a bowl is audible (‘Oh it’s anothermicrowave meal for Rupert tonight, naughty.’) and it does make me wonder whythe hell they bothered with decorative coving but not adequate sound proofing?!

It isn’t such a problem usually, since my neighbours are mostly a respectablesort. However, there is one girl whose laugh penetrates our walls - as a skewermight through a perfectly barbequed piece of pineapple. This is especiallyirritating at say, 3 a.m. when she seems to find everything absolutely bloody hilarious – frankly I feel like I’mmissing out.

I have seriously considered purchasing some earplugs, of which Health and Care offer many, for some sort of guarantee of a decent night’s sleep on these occasions. However I usually end up thinking ‘No, why the hell should I have to in my own home?’ And proceed to bang on my walls like some rabid Baboon crying ‘Shut up!’ It’s no wonder we never speak..

So there you have it. Profit hungry developers: Cuttingcorners and destroying community relations since, forever.

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