Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Perhaps the most important part of our days, and one of the most neglected, is our time asleep. People focus so much on getting things done throughout the day that they can forget to devote adequate time to sleep, and when they do, they're often not doing it right. One thing we usually do know is how we like to sleep. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you probably are fairly committed to your preference, and know what works for you.

What many people don't know, though, is that most sleep and spine experts recommend sleeping on our sides. Compared to sleeping on your back, which is the most popular position, side-sleepers enjoy benefits like a decrease in acid reflux, reduced pressure on the back, and reduced snoring. These factors can all lead to a much better night's sleep, but this information isn't much good for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

How to Sleep on Your Side

If your one of the many sleepers that's heard the benefits of side-sleeping, and want to get in on the benefits yourself, we're here to help. Here are some useful tips we've collected to help you give side-sleeping a try, so hopefully you'll be able to make the transition without too much difficulty:

  1. Fill the Neck-Mattress Gap – One of the potential hazards to side-step when side-sleeping is the crevice that can sometimes be left between your neck and mattress. This gap can lead to pain in your neck when you wake, as your neck may be forced into a sideways position for the night. For this, you need a pillow that will fill the gap with the right height and right density, which usually means a foam pillow.
  2. Sleep with a Pillow Between Your Legs – If you've been uncomfortable sleeping on your side, and have filled the neck-mattress gap, you have most likely experienced hip or lower back pain. This can be solved with a pillow between the legs, which can help to align your spine, relieve pressure on your hips, and give you that perfect night's sleep.
  3. Choose the Right Pillow!  This is probably the most important thing to remember for side-sleepers. A pillow that's too soft will leave your head unsupported, while a pillow that's too high or dense will leave your neck strained, both leading to a painful neck when you awake. 

Best Pillows for Side-Sleeping

So now that we've given some of our favourite tips for side-sleeping, it's time to become even more helpful. While proper positioning and posture is crucial for a good night's sleep on your side, nothing is more important than your pillow.

At Health and Care, we stock a wide range of pillows for all kinds of sleepers, including some top-notch selection for side-sleepers. We've put together some of our favourite pillows for side-sleepers, which we'll lay out for you below.

Harley Original Supportive Neck Pillow

Harley original supportive neck pillowSide-sleeping pillows are often designed to be contoured to your neck, and the Harley Original Supportive Neck Pillow is a perfect example. It is suitable for both back- and side-sleepers, allowing you to change your position throughout the night, without sacrificing your comfort. It is made from cold cast polyurethane to provide plenty of support, and is moulded with a rounded neck to relax the vertebrae.

The rounded neck works to support the neck and accommodate the shoulders, perfectly filling that beck-mattress gap we mentioned above. These pillows have become a classic design, and have helped thousands of back and side-sleepers alike enjoy a perfect night's sleep over the years. With a beautifully smooth surface and long lifespan, this could very well be the best, and last, cushion you'll ever buy.

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping PillowWhile many ergonomic pillows appear very similar to standard feather or foam pillows, Therapeutica have gone in a different direction. The Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow is meticulously designed to provide support and stability to side-sleepers, and also works for back-sleepers as well. This pillow provides unrivalled freedom and design, as side-sleepers can use either the left and right pad, or roll to the centre portion to sleep on their back. 

The side sections of the pillow are higher than the centre, helping to perfectly accommodate your shoulder, allowing you to rest your head with your neck in a neutral position. This position can help to reduce stress and blood pressure, as well as repair cellular damage and even improve mood, memory and concentration throughout the day. While other pillows can contribute to the misalignment of your spine, this pillow is custom built to be perhaps the best, and healthiest, around.

Harley Designer Pillow

Harley Designer Pillow for side sleepersNo list of the best pillows for side-sleepers would ever be complete without one of the tried and tested giants of the industry, the Harley Designer Pillow. The UK's top-selling professional orthopaedic pillow, the Harley Designer is made with moulded visco-elastic memory foam which was first developed for NASA space missions. It intelligently shapes itself to the requirements of the user's body, supporting the head, shoulders and neck all night long.

This pillow will also reduce the heat between your head and the pillow, preventing sweat and helping you stay asleep for longer. It contributes to better weight distribution, thereby relieving tension in your neck and helping you to wake up feeling fresh without neck strain. With a stress relief recess in the centre of the pillow, this moulded foam pillow cradles the neck, ensuring that your spine is held in perfect alignment, regardless of your position. If you're looking for a pillow with the side-sleeper stamp of approval, the Harley Designer Pillow is an extremely safe bet.

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Travel Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Travel Sleeping Pillow

It's all well and good to have the perfect sleeping pillow at home, but neck and spinal pain won't take a back seat when you're on the road either. The Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Travel Sleeping Pillow is designed to be a lifeline for side-sleepers away from home, allowing you perfect posture and support, wherever you are. It fits conveniently into your suitcase, allowing you to ditch that conventional hotel pillow for one that's suited to you.

This handy little travel companion boasts the same features as the larger Therapeutica pillow mentioned above, with all the convenience of travel. You can sleep on either your side or your back, with your neck and shoulders fully supported. This will relieve your back, shoulder and neck pain, while reducing your snoring and enhancing the quality of your sleep.


If you aren't convinced by our choices, we have a full range of pillows for side-sleepers available at Health and Care, all with free UK delivery! To see our entire range of memory foam pillows for side-sleepers, click the link below.


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