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Back Nodger Back Massager As Seen On ITV’s This Morning With Phillip Schofield & Greg Rutherford – Available Now From Health and Care.co.uk

Wednesday, 8 January 2014  |  Naomi

Massage your back, neck and shoulders with the new Back Nodger! The Back Nodger allows you to apply a deep pressure massage into your muscles helping them to relax. Release those annoying knots and niggles with the Back Nodger Back Massager, as featured on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Greg Rutherford.

The Back Nodger comes with a  unique locator spot – AKA the Nodge Head! The Nodge Head allows you to find and feel the knots in your back, neck and shoulders which you are not able to reach with your own hands. The Back Nodger Back Massager enables you to target these areas and apply precise pressure for effective relief.

The Back Nodger Back Massager comes with a reinforced steel frame, allowing you to apply a good amount of pressure to the affected area without damaging the shape of the massager. The comfort grip non-slip handle ensures you have control over the Back Nodger when applying pressure to the knot.

An essential item if you suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain, the Back Nodger is easy to use, lightweight and is only £24.99 with free UK delivery from Health and Care.co.uk. As seen on ITV's This Morning with Phillip Schofield.

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