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Friday, 18 May 2018

The Leukoplast Range

Leukoplast’s vast range of plasters, bandages, dressings, fixation tapes and wound care products offer a broad variety of specific uses in treating and caring for cuts, wounds, abrasions and other mild to moderate injuries. However the extensive list of specialist products can be overwhelming when searching for the plasters and products that you need. As such here’s a quick guide on what the Leukoplast Range has to offer.


The Robust and Durable Leukoplast Strong

Leukoplast offers a massive variety of plasters to suit each and every individual. In the majority of cases the Leukoplast Strong offers robust and long lasting protection. The highly durable, water repellent plasters are perfect for the active individual. With the Leukoplast Strong, endurance and adaptability are the priorities. If you’re looking for the classic, durable plaster, look no further. However each of Leukoplast’s offerings provide unique forms of protection. For those suffering from allergies the latex free Barrier, AquaPro, Kids and Elastic plasters may be a better choice. 

Waterproof Protection with the Leukoplast Barrier and the Leukoplast Aquapro

The Leukoplast Barrier is an ideal choice for long lasting comfort and breathability, paired with anti-bacterial protection. The waterproof Barrier provides two way protection against bacterial contamination, significantly reducing the risk of secondary wound infection. Similarly the waterproof AquaPro seals off cuts and wounds preventing infection and contamination. Specifically useful in protecting wounds while washing, bathing and swimming, the AquaPro plasters offer long lasting protection. 

Comfort for Sensitive Skin with the Leukoplast Soft and the Leukoplast Kids Plasters

For especially sensitive skin the Leukoplast Kids and Soft plasters provide skin friendly wound care. The cheerfully designed, water resistant, dirt repellent Leukoplast Kids plasters provide comfort in protecting cuts grazes and lacerations. Ideal for children the Leukoplast Kids highly absorbent, low adherent wound pads allow for easy application and quick and painless removal. Similarly the Leukoplast Soft plasters use skin friendly adhesive to allow for easy removal when necessary.   

Ideal for the Active Individual: the Leukoplast Elastic

Designed for movement, the Leukoplast Elastic is ideal for protecting fingers, joints and other flexile areas of the body. Ideal for the active individual, the Leukoplast Elastic allows you to carry on with any of the activities you would normally do throughout the day. Breathable and skin friendly the Leukoplast Elastic is perfect for protecting cuts and wounds in difficult places.


When choosing a dressing it’s important to consider priorities. In protecting wounds, grazes, cuts and abrasions, Leukomed’s various wound dressings each have unique qualities that are important to consider.

Leukoplast Leukomed

The Leukoplast Leukomed offers secure yet gentle protection for up to seven days. Suitable for both normal and sensitive skin the Leukoplast Leukomed dressing is a good all-rounder.  

Leukomed T Plus

The Leukomed T Plus is an absorbent, waterproof film dressing which protects cuts, wounds and abrasions from water and bacteria acting to prevent contamination. Easily applied using the unique red-strip mechanism the Leukomed T Plus provides comfortable protection from infection.

Leukomed Sorbact

Acting to remove bacteria from infected wounds while preventing contamination the Leukomed Sorbact offers breathable shower-proof protection. Although somewhat similar to the T Plus the Leukomed Sorbact utilises anti-microbial technology to protect infected wounds and prevent further infections

Leukomed Cutisoft

If comfort is the priority, the Leukoplast Cutisoft offers gentle protection for pain-sensitive wounds and minor burns. The sterile and skin-friendly dressing can also be used to cleanse or dress painful and sensitive wounds.

Fixation Tapes

Leukoplast: Durable Protection for Normal Skin

Leukoplast fixation tape provides durable and long lasting fixation of bandages and dressings on normal, non-sensitive skin. The classic Leukoplast tape offers adaptability and versatility due to it’s simple and durable design. The classic Leukoplast fixation tape is suitable in most cases.

Leukopor: Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Like the Leukoplast, the Leukopor offers long lasting adhesion. However the water repellent Leukopor fixation tape caters for those with extremely sensitive skin offering comfort and conformability.

Leukoplast Hypafix Self Adhesive Tape

The Leukoplast Hypafix is a wide area fixation tape suitable for both normal and sensitive skin types. Self-adhesive with quick and easy application, the Leukoplast Hypafix is easly cut and shaped, making it perfect for fingers, joints and other difficult areas. 


Leukoplast Elastomull

The highly elastic, Leukoplast Elastomull bandage offers quick and easy application for comfortable protection. Perfect when used in conjunction with an absorbent pad or dressings the Elastomull elastic bandage is comfortable and soft on the skin, Leukoplast Elastomull provides gentle protection, making it ideal for supple and flexible parts of the body. 

Leukoplast Elastomull haft

Although the Elastomull haft is very similar to the classic Elastomull bandage the Elastomull haft is uniquely self-cohesive. The self-cohesive haft is self sticking meaning it sticks to itself rather than to the skin. As such, no fixation tape's required. This significantly increases comfort and ease of application.  Latex-free and skin friendly the Elastomull haft is ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. 


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